Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MW / Park music

On the same day that H&M was launched in the Philippines, Manaha had a gig! Gershwin's high school friend, Voltaire, invited us to perform at the launch of the Food Truck Park in Park N Sell, a garage in Meralco Avenue, Ortigas. Because we're all worker bees now, we didn't really have much time for practice, but we didn't want to pass up the chance to share our music.
(photo by Voltaire Lozada)
We sang six songs, I think, all originals, of course. I struggled a bit because I was a bit under the weather at the time, but as the cliche goes - the show must go on! Too bad Bok couldn't make it that night because he had work, but it's okay - there will be other gigs, and we're sure he'll be with us then. It's funny - I flew to Cebu after our 70s Bistro gig, and after this one, it was Gersh's turn to run to the airport! Our set started rather late - it was way past ten when we took the "stage" (it was actually a tent), but it was okay because at least it wasn't raining anymore.
Food Truck Park, as the name implies, is a weekly food fest where the city's best food trucks get to showcase their yummiest offerings for urban jungle dwellers. My friend Andrei actually owns one of the trucks there - Truck Bun - so of course I had to give that a try! The BBQ Pulled Pork Bun was just too awesome, and at Php175, it's a steal! I had gelato, too - but I waited until after our set before I bought myself a cup. :)

 The best part about Food Truck Park is if you're a big group, there's certainly something for everyone. I'm sure we've all experienced not knowing which restaurant to go to because someone wants this and the other one wants something else, and Food Truck Park is a great fix for that! Visit them in Park N Sell - they'll be there until the end of December. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HFT / Daddy-o's in better shape than you are!

He's 47 years old. He's a practicing dentist, with clinic hours from 9am to 5pm. And he's called "The Saint." Doesn't seem threatening, right? Right? Right? WRONG. He's a f*cking MMA fighter. Angelito Manguray is a freak of nature. And I mean that in a good way.
Who's yo daddy?!?!
(photo by Dodong dela Cruz)
Last October 23, at URCC 25: Takeover, he fought against Miguel Mosquera of Submission Sports. He may have lost, but man, he didn't make it easy for his opponent, who's half his age. As I watched the fight, I heard people jeering, calling him "Daddy!" I doubt that he could hear it in the middle of the fight, but I'm sure he's not bothered by it in the least. In an interview some years back, he was asked about his age, and he was quick to say that he doesn't feel it.

Karate is this man's life, and when MMA was introduced to Davao City in 2002, he gave it a try out of sheer curiosity. Cliche as it may sound - the rest was history. To prepare for fights, he trains twice a day, before and after clinic duties. But I'd assume he sticks to the same routine even during the off-season, because he's in really good shape for his age!

He's now one of my inspirations to stay healthy as I age (he's my male peg, and the female one is a yoga instructor I met in Cyrano). I know I'm young, but it's never too early to start taking care of myself to slow, stop, or maybe even reverse the ageing process. Manguray really made health and fitness his lifestyle, and it definitely paid off. I hope that when I hit that age, I'd still be as vital as I am now.


Monday, November 24, 2014

GVM / Beautiful people

In case you need a reminder.
Image from the internet
Have a great week ahead, folks. :)


Saturday, November 22, 2014

If I just fixed myself up a bit

I am not a vain person - my friends can attest to that. I'm one of those people who would readily step out of the condo in a tattered shirt, without a hint of makeup on my face. Heck, I leave the house without combing my hair a lot of times. I'm very particular about hygiene, but I'm just too lazy to go beyond that. 

My ultimate bro, J-Sio, has been telling me for the longest time that I don't put enough importance to my appearance. His pet peeve is my hair - he hates that I keep it in a pony tail all the time, that it's so damaged and that I refuse to get it treated at the salon. And he makes sure that he points that out to me every chance he gets. 
I look okay, right? Maybe I should keep at this. Haha!
But to be fair to J-Sio, he balances it out with compliments. Whenever I do decide to get dolled up a bit, he also calls me out on looking nicer than usual (he's cool like that). He keeps telling me that all I really need to fix my hair. He even said that if I just addressed that problem area, I would be "totally dateable." Haha!

JR told me something down the same lines. We met up once in Cyrano, where I was having a long discussion with Alex about my new favorite television series, "House of Cards." I guess I must have sounded smarter than I really am; JR told me that if I just learned to fix myself up nicely, I could easily get any guy I want. 

Well, for the record, I know that I'm not ugly. I also know that I'm smart. I'm generally nice. I don't have a hard time making friends. I do make an effort to look presentable when I know I have a big meeting or a wedding gig. But if I'm just going to meet up with the boys for ramen or for a couple of cold ones, I don't really feel the need to work on my appearance. 

Maybe I should, though. Maybe it's about time I listened to the voices of J-Sio, JR, and other friends who always tell me to fix my hair.  To wear something nice. To put on a tiny bit of make-up. Caring a little about how I look does not make me vain or superficial. If anything, it tells the world that I've not "let myself go," that I know how to take care of myself. 

It's not just about dating, you see. It's about making a good impression, which is especially important with my line of work - I really can't expect my clients to believe that I know what I'm talking about when I don't look polished. With that in mind, I stocked up on conditioner, and I started waking up extra early to fix it up. As for make-up, well, I'm lucky I have kikay friends who can help me in that department. 


Friday, November 21, 2014

FTF / Ramen run - Dumaguete leg

When I visited Dumaguete last June, the regular ramen runs to Malate with my friends Alfred and Franco had just started. On my first night there, Franco even called to say that they were having ramen without me! Haha! Out of sheer inggit, I walked over to Mifune Japanese Restaurant, but sadly for me, I went their on their buffet night, which meant no ramen. So when I returned last September, I just HAD to go back to Mifune for my ramen fix - and this time, I dragged Franco with me. 
Seafood ramen FTW
Salmon sashimi and California maki
I was game to try something different, so instead of my usual shoyu ramen, I opted for the seafood one. I didn't regret it! :) The broth was tasty, but it wasn't thick so I didn't find it overwhelming. The seafood (shrimp, fish, and squid) were noticeably fresh, and that spelled all the difference. It costs Php250 a bowl, which is expensive by Dumaguete standards, but it was worth every penny.
Chicken katsudon
Fruit platter
Also worth every penny were all the other things we ordered! Since it was our last night there, Franco and I totally pigged out by ordering food that would feed and satisfy about four people whose appetites fall within the range of normal (obviously, that's not us!). On top of the ramen, we also ordered salmon sashimi, chicken katsudon, California maki, and a fruit platter for dessert! The total bill ran up to just a little over Php1,000, which is not bad at all!

The food is great, and the place has that cozy, homey feel, but still a bit hole-in-the-wall-ish. I'm sorry I couldn't think of a better descriptor! Haha! Anyway, Mifune is an overall great place, and my new mission in life is to bring Alfred there! :)


Thursday, November 20, 2014

LT / Correlation

I've been writing for a long time now; I've written articles, brochures, websites and other online content, marketing decks, blog posts, and journal entries. It's the journal entries that I've been writing the longest - I first picked up a diary some time in grade school, and I've kept one ever since.

On the average, a 100-page notebook would last me a good six months. There would be cases when I'd be done with a notebook in less time, and then there'd be times when a journal would last me much longer than that. I just recently closed out a journal I've had for almost a year now, and in the process, I had a realization of sorts.
Keep writing.
I'm generally a busy person (I work even when I'm on vacation), but I do what I can to squeeze in writing time into my schedule. So when a journal lasts me longer than average, it doesn't just mean that I don't have time to write - it's actually indicative of a bigger issue. It usually means that I'm going through a really bad phase in my life.

The possible correlation between the life span of my journal and the state of my life at the time I'm filling its pages is, perhaps, a stretch. But I think that in my case, it's true. It's not that I'm miserable when I'm unable to write - I've made it my life's mission to NOT be miserable no matter the circumstances - but my life is in much less order when I'm no longer able to set aside time for what I consider to be therapy for my soul.

I said this before and I'll say it again: writing heals. And in my case, it heals me almost instantly. Bad days are saved in the end when I get to pen a page or two of nothings. Whether it's writing for other people, or just for my own consumption, the process of putting thoughts on a sheet of paper was, is, and always will be cathartic. And I will never stop.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MW / Yehessss music video!

A couple of months ago, Halik Ni Gringo launched their very first music video for "Would You Never?," the second single from their album The Call of Booty. It was at Attraction! Reaction! in Route 196. I tried to invite Alfred and Franco to the launch, but I didn't expect them to actually show up because Quezon City is quite far from where they live.

Well, it's far from where I live, but it was a special occasion so I had to make an exception. When I asked the band to play at an amateur MMA event last March, Alfred got to watch them for the first time. He instantly liked the group, so I gave him a CD. That copy is somewhere in their home now, either hidden, destroyed, or destroyed and hidden by his son Alo.

So for his birthday, he asked for another copy - one that's signed by the boys! It's a good thing Joaqui, former rhythm guitarist of HNG who moved to Singapore earlier this year, was there for a visit, so I got his signature, too! :)
Thanks, Route 196, for lending me a Sharpie! :)
Back to the video now - Bid told me that they actually have two versions of the video - a censored and uncensored one. Here is the censored one (I think):

Anyway, enjoy the video, and the music, of course!