Mr. Head (2005)

3:56:00 AM

Below is a joke of a poem that I wrote for a college friend:

Mr. Head, Mr. Head,
Whatever do you dread?
Is it the pompous miss
Bent on taking away your bliss?
Or is it the yakking mister
Who told on you to the spinster?
Perhaps it is the corrupt descendant
With an ego huge as an elephant
A dick small as a lizard’s head
And orals lame as plain bread
Maybe it’s the little sex-crazed girl
Whose entire life is nothing but a whirl
She might have been driving you to the edge of sanity
With all the sex talk, postmodernism and profanity
Or perhaps it’s all you, Mr. Head
You are the creator of all you dread

(Silence, the writer thinks.
Then this very cute guy at her winks.)

But then I realized it can’t be all on you
Because Nescafe says it’s my fault, too
One thing leads to another, the coffee ad said
I hope this poem leads to laughter, Mr. Head.


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