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I just got back from a week-long vacation in Dumaguete. With the time I had to myself, I’ve had the chance to reflect on a lot of things and I’m definitely looking forward to blogging about them. But for now, I think it’s most appropriate that I give a rundown of the trip, one day at a time. :)

A small city, but everything's there.
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Day 1, Sunday, May 13, 2012
Landed in Sibulan Airport at around 4:30pm. My friend Jerry picked me up.
Ate seafood marinara and drank San Miguel Apple Malt at Gabby’s Bistro.
Toured the entire city in Jerry’s car. We were done in 30 minutes.
Picked up Jerry’s friends Mizpah and Kokoi.
Had dinner and some beer at Hayahay. Shocked at how cheap seafood is!
Went to D’Minimik for more drinks. My friend Hannah met me there.
Met more of Jerry’s friends. I really don’t remember everyone.
Was driven to Hannah’s house. The place is so cute!

Day 2, Monday, May 14, 2012
Had an early breakfast at Connie’s Tapsilogan. Yummy!
Walked around Silliman University.
Had lunch at Jo’s Chicken Inato. Really, really good.
Toured the city in a cruiser bike. Hannah went to work.
Stopped briefly for a cold beer at Pirate Bay.
Left before people filled the place.
Went jogging with Hannah at Silliman University Oval.
Walked to Jerry’s house. Kokoi was there, recording his composition. Really talented dude!
Walked to Rizal Boulevard for tempura. Mind-blowing.
Went drinking with Jerry and his lovely girlfriend, Carla. Kokoi was there, too.

Day 3, Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Breakfast at home: hot chocolate and the Dumaguete counterpart of suman.
Worked all morning.
Had lunch at Flamin’ Grill. Awesome but inexpensive burgers and fries.
Went swimming at Silliman Beach.
Walked to Hayahay for a beer.
Went jogging with Hannah, this time along the highway.
Had dinner at Jutsz Cafe. Yes, jutsz.

Day 4, Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Went to Malatapay (Dauin) with Hannah. Met Karen, a backpacker, with whom I shared a boat to Apo Island.
Tasted the world’s best lechon.
Went to Apo Island. Swam with the turtles. Got cut by a dead coral.
Headed back to Dumaguete City.
Jerry and Carla drove me to Silliman University Medical Center for treatment.
Waited three solid hours for medical attention.
Got injected with anti-tetanus vaccine.
Burned over Php2,000.00 on medication.

Day 5, Thursday, May 17, 2012
Went to Siquijor Island with Hannah and Karen.
Had breakfast at Salagdoong Beach Resort. Tapsilog, as always.
Swam in clear waters for a couple of hours.
Jumped off a cliff thrice. Regretted wearing a bikini and not a one-piece.
Went on with the tour. Visited various Hispanic churches. Beautiful.
Swam at a three-level waterfall. I forget what it’s called.
Went on with the tour. Stopped at the biggest balete tree EVER.
Brought Karen to her lodging by the beach.
The sand was white and powdery, much like Boracay.
Headed back to the pier to catch a boat to Dumaguete.

Day 6, Friday, May 18, 2012
Hannah cooked breakfast!
Took a bus to the town of Siaton to meet her cute family.
Went to Balanan Lake. Awesome.
Rode a boat and hiked a bit to get to the waterfall.
Swam in a pool.
Headed to Hannah’s family’s home in Bayawan.
Stopped for backyard pan de sal along the way. So good!
Had dinner and slept over in Bayawan.

Day 7, Saturday, May 19, 2012
Danggit for breakfast!
Headed to Sipalay in Negros Occidental (2-hour drive).
Found another awesome white-sand beach to swim in.
Got stung by jellyfish. Twice. Not cool.
Tried skimboarding with the local kids! Failed miserably.
Bumped into Rocky, a dorm-mate way back in college.
Watched Underworld: Awakening with Hannah and her sisters.

Day 8, Sunday, May 20, 2012
Drove back to Bayawan. Ate breakfast at a small roadside place.
Had a yummy lunch before heading back to Dumaguete.
Watched and heard Jerry play the sax!
Got -toot-.
Got drunk on six glasses of Vertigo.
Got -toot- and drunk (cross-faded).

Day 9, Monday, May 21, 2012
Woke up without a hangover. Yay!
Had lunch with Hannah, Jerry, Carla, Ian and Nat at Road House. Yummiest burgers in all of Dumaguete.
Beat Jerry in billiards - two games in a row. Once a hustler, always a hustler, I suppose.
Had coffee and cupcakes with the same people sans Hannah at Poppy Coffee. No, there were no buds in the coffee and cupcakes.
Driven to the airport by Jerry and Carla.
Welcomed back to Manila by severe rush-hour traffic and an unfriendly cab driver. Harsh.

That pretty much sums up my vacation. At the end of it all, I have the baddest sunburn, a deep cut in my foot, the worst body pain, and wounds and bruises all over, but despite that, this is the best week of my life so far.

P.S. I’ll upload whatever pictures I have as soon as I have time; I have quite a lot of work to catch up on. I’ll also try to find time to write more detailed blog posts for those who are looking for nice vacation spots. And of course, I have personal reflections I’d also like to share. Ciao!

P.P.S. I went to Dumaguete without a plan. All I had was a bag full of clothes, some pocket money, and an open mind and heart. But I got to experience everything Dumaguete has to offer. My eyes witnessed beauty that is beyond measure. And now, more than ever, I believe in divine providence/a higher power/God.


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