Summer creativity and dreaming

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When I was in college, I signed up for an elective called “Creativity and Problem Awareness” for the summer term. And aside from Philosophy, this class was definitely one of the most life-changing courses I’ve ever taken. To pass, we had two major requirements.

Creativity Journal
First, we had to maintain a creativity journal. I say maintain, not write, because as the name of the project implies, you’re allowed to be as creative as you’d like, or can. You can draw and paint and make a collage and whatever else. We were required to use journals that have no lines on the pages - that way, we get to have free rein. There are no restrictions on what you wish to put in your journal; the professor won’t read it unless you ask him to. All he’s after is that you fill a minimum of two pages a day.

Of all the people in class, I was the most excited one for this project, because I’ve been keeping a personal journal (yes, on top of my blog) since I was 11 years old. I find that writing on a journal is one of the most therapeutic exercises one can ever engage in. It kept me sane throughout my crazy life. My journal kept me grounded; it helped me see and appreciate myself, from an insider yet voyeuristic perspective.

I wrote over 200 pages of nothings that summer, including all 26 pages of Pieces of Tea, my longest story. And now, seven years later, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it again.

Dream Project
The other course requirement for the elective is called the Dream Project - something that you’ve always wanted to do, but always found an excuse not to do. At the time, I wanted badly to learn how to play guitar. I’m happy to note that I did learn in two months, although I must admit that I unlearned it immediately after. Haha! But the point of the exercise is that we can all do whatever we set our minds to; our only enemy is ourselves.

Now is the time for two new projects. No more excuses.

Last Wednesday, I met up with a college friend who gave me inspiration for my next dream project. I’m going to become a full marathoner by running 42 kilometers. I’m going to give myself a year to prepare, and then I’m going to run, for my life and for my heart.

My next dream project is a short film based on the story Smitten. I found two collaborators, Kim and Mikko, to help me make this dream into a reality. I’m working on the script right now, and soon enough, it should be on YouTube. So watch out!


It feels really great to be really excited about something again. There are times when, after achieving a certain goal, we feel lazy to try to achieve the next one. I have been stuck in that trap for far too long. It’s now time to get up and do something. And it’s also the time to dream.

The two new projects are just the beginning. I am no longer going to let myself forget to dream.


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