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About a couple of weeks ago, I saw the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted tells Robin that he loves her, and she tells him she doesn’t love him back. In the end, Robin moves out, and Ted shares that a part of him was happy that Robin said no, because then the world just opened up again.

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(To those who don’t watch the show, Ted and Robin used to be in a relationship, and they broke up, and after a while they became good friends and roommates, even. Robin gets involved with Barney, Ted’s good friend, and some other people, too. Ted dated around, as well, and he will eventually marry the mother of his children, who is yet to be revealed in the series.)

In a previous entry, I said there that I sometimes take comfort in the possibility that we will eventually end up together if we’re really meant to be. But after watching that episode, I’ve come to realize that the only way to really move forward with my life is to close the door on him completely and allow myself to explore the new windows that the universe has opened for me.

For as long as the door is kept open, no matter how little, I’ll always just hang around and wait for him to walk back in. Whereas if I close it, lock it, and throw out the key, I would not be hanging around, waiting for him to come back. I would not be coming up with excuses not to see new people. I would not be waiting for future relationships to fail so I can go back to him, because he wouldn’t be there anymore.

After my former boyfriend and I broke up, I had a really rocky start in getting my life back on track. The changes were so big, and even upsetting at times. I once tried to get back together with him, but he’s already made up his mind. But I guess, just like Ted, my world opened up again when he said no.

It was then that I started feeling grateful to him. I was grateful to him for five wonderful years together and for standing by my side when I lost my mother. But most importantly, I was grateful to him for letting go just at the right time. I may not have realized it right away, but through timely wisdom from How I Met Your Mother, I started seeing through a fresh pair of eyes - everything is beautiful, and everything is right where it should be.


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