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I've been keeping a journal practically my entire life. What got me started is this really cute television commercial for Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog featuring Chantal Umali and Patrick Garcia. For those who are too young or too old to know that ad, it's basically about a chubby little girl (Chantal) who had the biggest crush on one of the cutest boys in her school (Patrick). She writes in her journal that Carlo told her she's pretty but fat. She goes on to write a list of all the yummy foods she's willing to give up to lose weight, but when she was about to choose between Carlo and hotdogs, she chooses the latter.

First rule on writing is: WRITE.
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That commercial aired when I was in the second grade. I'm now 25, and I've been out of school for the last five years, but I still keep a journal. I've also "branched out," so to speak - I got my college blockmates to pitch in on a group journal, on which we wrote when we were bored in our respective classes. I've been blogging since college (mostly private entries on LiveJournal), and now I'm writing more on Tumblr and Blogspot. Documenting my day-to-day adventures has become part of my DNA, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

Since I've been writing/blogging for so long, I figured I'd take it up a notch and make this blog worthwhile, not just for me as a writer, but for anyone else who stumbles upon the things I will post. This day and age, blogging is no longer just about telling people how you feel or what you think. It's about reaching out to an audience, big or small, helping them in one way or another, and ultimately touching their lives.

Let me just say now that I am not a good writer (although my bestest friends say otherwise - thank you, loves!), and I also don't think I live the most interesting life. But I got inspired to embark on this blog journey for two reasons, the first being my friends (of course!). The second, and probably the stronger motivation, is the feedback that I got from people who have read my blog. These are people I haven't met (and probably will never meet) who sent me private messages about how my posts have touched them.

And because I just absolutely LOVE Patty Laurel's blog, I'm going to take a page from her book and run away with it. My plan is to segment my entries into five categories: Ukay Monday, Health and Fitness Tuesday, Musical Wednesday, Literary Thursday and First-Time Friday. I'll try to write everyday, but my absolute minimum is three category posts per week.

Entries that do not fall into any particular category will remain unclassified and will hence be posted whenever I write them: my random musings, out-of-nowhere reflections, and day-to-day ramblings. But those five categories will be the "regulars," so to speak.

I don't have a lot of readers, but I feel that I have a responsibility of sorts to the few that I have. So now this blog is going to change. Because it's no longer just about me, but about how it's going to affect a reader, another soul looking for advice, for a new perspective, or perhaps even for inspiration.

For the record, I'm not going to try to be anyone's shrink here. I'm also not trying to make money out of this (although that would be nice, come to think of it). I'm just going to write what I know, and hope that someone might get something out of it, if only to make the time a person spends on my blog worth it.


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