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Of the five categories, I think that this is probably the most difficult and at the same time most exciting one to write about!

Although I would consider myself quite adventurous in more ways than one, I must admit that I still missed out on a lot of things when I was growing up. One reason is money - since we didn't have a lot, we couldn't really afford the same experiences that my other well-to-do friends and classmates could. We didn't travel much, and we also didn't eat out as often. New experiences seemed reserved for special occasions.

The first
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Another reason would be fear, and it's probably the more potent one of the two. After all, not all experiences have to be expensive, and some are even free - but there's almost always something holding me back. I was afraid of: making mistakes, food poisoning, getting lost, looking like a complete fool, contracting a rare disease, and the list goes on.

So this is my way of challenging myself into living life more fully - to become braver in the face of even the smallest of things. I will dare myself to try different things - from exotic food to extreme sports, from cheap thrills to expensive trips, from new products to ancient remedies.
The magic word
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Since I've had my fair share of brave moments despite the above-mentioned limitations, I also want to share my other firsts from the not-so-distant past, like my first night in my college dorm room, my first movie date with myself, my first beach trip without my family in tow, my first time in Boracay, and plenty more.

This category will cover every "first" I can think of, and I hope to inspire anyone who reads this into stepping out of their comfort zones, quitting making excuses, and trying something different. Life will pass you by if you just stay on the couch - I should know, because I've already wasted plenty of time on my ass. Macy Gray could not have said it any better: "Get up, get up, and do something!"


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