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For almost five years, I was in a relationship with Marvie. We got together in December 2006, just in time for the last Christmas of my college life. Since we became official, we did most if not all things together. While it was good that we got to spend a lot of time with each other, it was actually bad in the long run because we became way too dependent on one another. We compromised way too much to make the relationship work that in the end, we lost track of who we were as individuals and just became one half of a couple.

We broke up in November 2011, and after I got over the initial depression that came with it, I took control of my own life once again. I started with my hair - I cut my shoulder-length mane all the way up to my chin, and I was told that the new style suited me better. I joined a fun run (due mainly to my friends' relentless egging) and finished unexpectedly well for my physical state at the time. I also signed up at Fitness First in an attempt to become healthier.
Cebu Pacific = Delayed
Semi-gloomy weather
But the most significant decision I've made since the breakup was to fly off to Dumaguete, alone. For years, Marvie and I talked about going, but we always found excuses not to - schedule conflict, money, etc. At the end of our relationship, I made the decision to make my Dumaguete dreams a reality. I used my free ticket from my Citibank-Cebu Pacific Visa to get me there, and for the return trip, I redeemed the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles that I've accumulated through my HSBC credit card. I scrimped and saved for pocket money, and then I packed my bags and boarded the plane.
First stop: Gabby's Bistro

Welcoming committee = JERRY

Menu :)

I kid you not - the pork chop is as big as my face.

A proper welcome on my first night!

Although I have two friends who lived in Dumaguete, Jerry and Hannah (they both graciously hosted me - thank you guys!), it was my first time to actually fly somewhere all by myself. I went to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 alone, and despite the excitement, I briefly felt a pang of sadness when I witnessed families seeing each other off at the gates. There I was - running away with a broken heart, completely and utterly alone.
Silliman Beach = PEACE
Side note: I've documented the trip in my blog already, and all entries were flooded with firsts! Since those posts were a rundown and not really specific reflections on what I've experienced, I'll pick out the most significant ones for me and I'll write about them individually. For instance - getting "picked up" by a backpacker, and jumping off a cliff.
Vintage fire truck at the city center
An interesting film at Silliman
The Haunted Typewriter
Shirt on the ceiling of Road House
Before I left for Dumaguete, I stumbled upon a female traveller's blog. In one of her entries, she talked about how traveling not only gives you new experiences and opens new doors, it also teaches you things about yourself. Perhaps it's the change in scenery that lets a person see everything, including one's self, from a different perspective.
At Jo's Inato
Cheap but AWESOME, Flamin' Grill
Wall of Fame, Flamin' Grill
Piglet is a squid? Wha...?
From my trip, I learned that I can be own company (and that I actually enjoyed it!), whether I'm walking/biking around an unfamiliar city or just sitting down in a bar, drinking beer on a lazy afternoon while taking deep breaths of the refreshing sea breeze. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone, because I became more open to all things new and different when I wasn't worrying about another person's acceptance.
I flew in to hear my friend play, yo! Go Jerry!!! :D
My final stop before the airport. Loved the cupcakes! :)
Bye, Dumaguete! I'll be back next year, I promise! :)
When I got back to Manila, I knew that I was a changed person, because I learned that I was not born to be one half of a couple - I am whole on my own.


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