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I still remember signing my very first cheque like it was yesterday. It was November 7, 2007, in Bank of Commerce in One San Miguel Place, Ortigas. The checkbook they gave me didn't even have my name on it, but I took it anyway because I needed to issue post-dated checks to the developer of the condominium unit I purchased. When they handed me the fresh batch of checks, I felt rich even if I knew well that the account only had a measly PhP10,000.00. Silly me! :D

How much are you worth? :P
At the time, I was only eight months out of college, and I felt proud of myself for making the big move of acquiring property with my own earnings. To be honest, I was driven by the fact that we lost our family house to unpaid mortgages, and it bothered me to not have a home that I can call my own, a place where I can run to when I have nowhere else to go. Besides, I was no good at saving actual money, as I am quite an impulsive spender (on food and books, that is), so I figured it's best for me to invest in property. 

When I turned 23, I rewarded my hardworking (erm?) self with Sun Life's Variable Life Insurance Policy - a combination of life insurance and mutual investment funds. A boring gift, I know. But at least, when I turn 33, I could actually withdraw my premiums and use it for something else. Or I could also leave it with them to re-invest, thus growing my money! Since I was still young when I got it, the premium is really low.
Happy 23rd birthday to me!
So I received a piece of mail today that isn't a credit card bill - fire insurance for my condominium unit! On the one hand it's actually quite sad, because it is a reminder that my young and carefree days are over. Let's face it, it's so much easier to be a kid than an adult, because all you have is school and play.
Another policy to read from cover to cover. And my big hand.
But it's also quite liberating if you choose to look at it in a positive light. Things like these make me feel grown-up, responsible and mature. They make me worry less about my future, so I can concentrate on living in the now. Organized as I am, I'm actually not the type who has a grand plan for everything. The late great John Lennon said that life happens when you're busy making plans, and I completely agree with him. However, it can't hurt to be a little prepared, too. :)


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