Happy birthday, Kuya!

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My favorite brother in the universe (he's the only one so he's my favorite by default, haha!), Erroll M. Roque, turned 31 yesterday, June 20th! :) To celebrate his birthday, he cooked a wonderful three-course carbohydrate-overload meal! And to be fair, it was delicious! This time, he didn't forget to add salt to the spaghetti sauce. Plus, the dressing on the meat and veggie wrap was genius - ranch dressing with a hint of chili powder. Everything was yummy! 

Erroll with his daughters Panchy and Pia
Our family life beats the crap out of ABS-CBN's most dramatic telenovelas, and that's what made us really close. We fought a lot when we were growing up (mainly because I was such a brat, I admit), but now, we're each other's ultimate support group. More than just plain siblings, we've become each other's best friend. Despite the fact that we're both independent, we still rely on each other on a lot of things, in a lot of ways.

He is downright awesome. He is the son any parent would be proud to have. He is a loving and responsible father to his two kids. He is a great worker and an even greater boss, as evidenced by the respect he has earned from his peers and his subordinates alike. He is a loyal friend. He is the best big brother anyone could ever ask for, and that makes me the luckiest sister on the face of the earth.

Happy birthday, Kuya Erroll! I love you so much! :)

P.S. I was serious when I said you don't look a day over 21. Serious as a heart attack.

P.P.S. You rock! :)


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