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I'll never get tired of sharing how I got into this whole gym thing: this is the fault of Ms. Shaine Jimenez! :) Last March, Fitness First Philippines gave out free trial workouts, and Shaine asked me to go with her. Since it was near both the office and my house, I figured I had nothing to lose. I dusted off my trusty Nike cross-trainers and went with her.

Work it!
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Before we got started, we had the "weigh-in." The club had a machine that determines the components of your weight like muscle mass, fat mass and percentage, and bone mass. It even tells you the amount of fat you need to lose, your degree of obesity, and even your metabolic age. From that machine, I learned that my weight is just right for my height, but I'm overweight in fat and underweight in muscle. But my metabolic age (19) comforted me immensely.

Trainers were assigned to each of us: Ralph for me, and Rommel for her. We actually didn't do a "trial workout." Rather, we had a fitness level assessment, which actually felt like a workout in itself! They made us run for ten whole minutes, which was quite a struggle for me because I had quite a lot of cigarettes that day. I did manage to run the whole time, with a top speed of 9kmph.

After the run, we were asked to do various floor drills, and to say that I failed miserably is the understatement of the year! I only got to do four modified (knee) push-ups, and I didn't even last a minute doing abdominal bridges. My balance was also a huge problem - I couldn't stand on one foot for more than 10 seconds. The only part of the test that I aced was flexibility.

The assessment told me something I already knew: I was unfit.

So I signed up for an 18-month membership with Fitness First right then and there. I wanted to be strong, healthy and fit again. But I know that I would be too lazy to work out by myself. After all, I already knew that I was unfit, but I did nothing about it. I needed a more potent push to get me to move.

Gym is effective for me. Because I know that I'm paying for it with my own hard-earned money, I really push myself to go even on days that I don't exactly feel like working out. And it really helps that I go there with a friend, so we get to catch up on chismis while lifting weights or doing abdominal crunches.

After two weeks of almost daily visits to the gym, my body got accustomed to working out and I felt the benefits. Sleep came easier for me. My posture got better. I was more alert when in the office - I no longer had to battle with the afternoon slump. I felt stronger. And I was running much faster, if we are to believe the results of Earth Run 2012.

My gym package with Fitness First is quite expensive at PhP2,550.00 per month for 18 months, plus a one-time administration fee of Php1,500.00. It comes with two free sessions with apersonal trainer and one free consultation with their nutritionist. You can upgrade your membership level to "Passport," which lets you work out in other branches, for an additional Php200.00 per month.

Some may say I'm wasting my money, but I beg to differ. There are other cheaper gyms out there, but Fitness First has the most ideal location for me. I know I can exercise on my own but I also know that I won't do it because nothing's at stake. I get what I'm paying for because I find time for it, and I take it seriously.


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