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While I know I'm not exactly a model of fitness (I smoke, boo!), I do some healthy stuff that I'd like to share with anyone who bothers to read my blog. :)

I was very athletic growing up, but when I graduated from school and joined the workforce, I got really lazy. I found every possible excuse not to work out. Although I'm lucky with my metabolism, I was not as healthy as I once was - I easily got tired, my posture was awful, and I was always sick. Overall, I was very weak.

The beginning.
There were two key events that pushed me to get moving again. The first was the Condura Skyway Marathon last February 5, 2012. The company I'm working for, Selecta, sponsored the participation fee of the employees who wished to join. My friends Shaine and Danna bugged me to sign up and I succumbed to positive peer pressure!

As my other friend, Bianca, put it, Condura Skyway Marathon was "the perfect first race," and indeed, it was. I ran in the 5KM category, and I got a nifty medal that made me want to run more! I ran with five non-smoking friends. Surprisingly, of the six of us, I actually finished first. I felt really great after that experience.

The second push was actually more of a "drag" - Shaine dragged me to a trial work out with Fitness First Philippines, and the next thing I know, I was signing up for the 18-month club membership. I also signed up for personal training sessions with a professional fitness instructor to help me prepare for one of my dream projects - to run a full, 42-kilometer marathon.

Right now, I'm also trying to eat healthier (trying is the operative word). I grew up afraid of fruits and vegetables. To make matters worse, I have an ongoing three-way love affair with Burger King and with junk food. But I'm not into dieting, especially not the types that involve self-deprivation, and I never will be. There's a difference between eating healthy and starving oneself.

This is going to be one interesting ride as this athlete turned couch potato stages a comeback. I'll write about my workouts, trainers, runs, and more! :)


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