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In the past, I've posted cover photos of the books I've read (on my Tumblr), as well as some of my more literary works like poetry and short stories. I've decided that I'd like to share more about my love for reading and writing to the people who will stumble upon my blog project.

Growing up without much money, I couldn't really afford books that aren't required for school. So what I would usually do is borrow from my friends, or from my cousin, Rocel. Now that I have a job, and therefore spending power, I am slowly building my personal library. Of course I still borrow some titles, but I'm proud to say that as of last year, I've completed my collection of Milan Kundera's philosophical works.

My "library" so far
Books opened up worlds I would otherwise not have access to. Reading has enriched my life, and it is something I would like to pass on to my future children, if I ever have any. I learned to think outside the proverbial box, to question what is believed to be true, and to decide my own future. With each new book I read, I feel empowered, cultured, and perhaps a little bit more mature.

My daily life is lived "under the influence" of literature. Being a voracious reader, I tend to imagine life as a rough imitation of art, and vice versa. I see most things differently. I haven't decided yet whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, but at least my references don't begin and end with movies and popular music even if I'm often seen as the weird girl in class.

Writing also came hand-in-hand with reading for me. While I am not a gifted writer, I've read my share of not-so-well-written things that have made me a little bit more confident with the stuff I churn out. That, and I have a really awesome bunch of friends who always assure me that I'm not so bad (you know who you are! Thank you!).

For this section of my blog, I plan to write about the works I read. Not reviews, but about how I can personally relate to the characters or to the storyline, and about the things I've learned from them. I plan to write about the writers I look up to. Occasionally I'd post my own literary pieces, long and short, hoping they won't get lambasted (or worse, plagiarized).

Of the five segments of my blog, this would probably be the closest to home.


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