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Anyone who knows me would tell you that I have an unhealthy dependence on my Moleskine planner. I write to-do lists and reminders, highlights of my daily life, plus occasional diary entries and personal literature on the smooth, acid-free pages of this trusty notebook. I take it with me wherever I go - I feel lost if I know that it's not in my bag! 

Left - meeting notes.
Right - to-do list in different colors
An inverted journal
Although my company has equipped me with a laptop, mobile broadband, and a cellular phone, I am still incredibly attached to my red Moleskine. Some might say it's impractical, but I disagree. I find that I'm able to retain information better when I write them down, as opposed to when I type. Milan Kundera wrote in his novel, Slowness, that "the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting." I don't forget anything I write down.
 In mourning: Karl Roy
There's something romantic, incredible, and maybe even magical about writing by hand. Notes, verses, rants, raves, reflections, epiphanies, frustrations, desires, fears, beliefs. Everything is simply more personal when written by hand. Anything you write is an extension of the self, a projection of one's ego. But it could get lost when it is translated into a uniform typeface. 
Lyrics to my song, Pag-Amin
I believe that writing by hand is a creative process in itself, regardless of what you actually write. Every line and every curve, and the inconsistent spaces between letters and numbers say so much more than what is written. There is a person behind the text, a human being and not a machine, making it more real. And behind that person is the story of a life lived differently. 


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