Lucky streak part 1 / MM

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I am extremely lucky with the bosses I've had.

It all started in SMX Convention Center. Marivic Marquez (MM) joined the company as the Assistant Vice President for Sales and Marketing. She came from The Peninsula Manila, a five-star hotel in Makati, and after 23 solid years there, she decided to try her hand at something new. Despite her initial hesitation, she signed on to lead our division in December 2008.

When she started, I didn't report to her just yet. It was only after a few months, when the organizational structure underwent a major overhaul that I got assigned to be the Marketing Communications Officer, that she officially became my direct superior. Knowing that I would be working closely with her, I was very, very happy with the changes. She was an incredible person through and through, and I wanted the opportunity to learn from her.

The boss :)
MM is the epitome of elegance. She carries herself with so much poise and she moves around with so much grace that one couldn't help but admire her. Her choice of clothing shows her sophistication; all of her outfits were feminine, chic, and classy. And although she's very beautiful, she doesn't take herself too seriously - she's so much fun to be with!

Almost everyday for over a year, she would give me a ride home from work. It is through these long drives that we really bonded. We talked only about office issues at the start, but after a while, we shared more about our personal lives. I didn't think it was possible because I was already such a fangirl, but I admired her even more when I got to know her better.

I learned so much under her tutelage. I got better at work because she equipped me with the skills I needed to excel.She taught me the importance of looking presentable, and she gave me clothes, too! Being around her motivated me; I wanted her to be proud that I was in her team. But she was more than a boss. She was a friend, and a mature one, at that.

She was very patient with me. Although I always got the job done, I badly needed to work on my attitude. I wasn't the most popular girl in the office because I was too frank and too rash. I alienated people in my relentless pursuit for excellence, and I made a number of enemies. But MM stayed by my side and coached me, helping me build my character as well as my resume.

When my mother passed away (cancer), she was the first person I called. Not just because she was my boss and I needed to inform her I was going on bereavement leave, but because she has become family. She cried for me as we spoke, and the funny thing is, I was the one comforting her, telling her that everything's going to be okay. She was there at the wake, and she was surprised that I was doing just fine.

Her constant presence helped alleviate my longing for my own mother, and I owe her for that in addition to everything else. Though it's been over a year since I left SMX, but MM and I still communicate constantly. Sometimes I visit her, and just like old times, she'd give me a lift home.

Once, she told me that she's proud of what I've achieved since I resigned, and I told her that I couldn't have done it without her. She taught me so much. She showed me love, kindness and compassion. She treated me like a daughter. I am beyond grateful that our paths crossed, for I would not be who I am now if I hadn't met MM.


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