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When I resigned from SMX, I moved to Planters Development Bank. I was the Program Officer for the SME Center for Asia, a resource center for small and medium enterprises in the Philippines and in Asia. My boss was Roberto Banaag (Bob), the head of the bank's Corporate Communications Department.

Bob is a tall and handsome man who looks quite young for his age. He's witty, and loves telling jokes, most of which I find pretty funny. When it comes to work, he's not the type who breathes down your neck until something's done. He trusts his team to do their part, but he also knows when to intervene. He's highly intelligent yet he's not full of himself. He's the ultimate go-to guy in the bank: his reputation as a creative problem solver is justified by his ability to handle almost anything.

At my sendoff (Abi, moi, and Boss Bob!)
I stayed with Plantersbank for just four months, which is a shame because I would have loved to work with Bob more. When I was still weighing my options, I went straight to him. I have so much respect for the man, and I didn't want him to hear about my career plans from other people. Luckily for me, he's very open-minded.

He didn't try to stop me from leaving; he just told me to go through the pros and cons carefully. He told me that I've made quite an impression on the other big bosses even if I've only been around for a short time, and feedback like that makes him very proud to be my boss.

At that time, he was set to leave the country to attend a conference in Mexico. Before he left, he sent me a text message saying: "For what it's worth, I really, really hope that you'll stay." That made me cry so hard, because I had already decided to leave when I read it. With a heavy heart, I sent him an email to say that I was going to take the other offer.

To be honest, I didn't expect that it would be just as hard to say goodbye to Bob as it was to MM. After all, I stayed with MM for two years, while I only worked with Bob for four months. And yet, leaving the bank broke my heart just the same. I cried just as much during the process.

I told Bob about this, and he said that the reason why I have a hard time letting go is because I always go "all-in." I don't hesitate to give everything, and I find it hard to walk away because I'm heavily invested. I never quite thought of myself that way, but it made perfect sense when he explained it.

Bob gave me his blessing to leave, and he even threw me a nice send-off over lunch on my last day. Before I left the office (as an employee, for the last time), I asked for and got a big hug from him. I'm happy to note that I'm still very welcome whenever I visit, because he didn't take my decision to leave against me. When our professional relationship ended, a friendship started, and I'm very, very grateful.


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