Pimps, wine and cheese

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My friend Karlo is the ultimate pimp – in terms of jobs that don’t require me to take my clothes off, that is. In August 2011, he was a recruiter for Unilever, and he got me my job now. When he started his own business last March 2012, he hired me on the side to help him with marketing and finance. When I asked him what made him think that I could do it, he reminded me that my resume went through him, so he knew what I was capable of.

After I completed the terms of our contract (proposals + pricing structure), he has been pimping me out to his other entrepreneur friends. One of them is Ana. She runs three separate businesses (I think), and she needs a writer for one of her requirements to complete her Masters in entrepreneurship. We went to her place in Greenhills last night for the exploratory meeting, and I have to say that this is probably one of the best business meetings I’ve ever been to.

We talked about the job right away, just to get it over with. It’s an easy task for the most part, so I accepted it on the condition that I don’t do the research. I couldn’t give her a rate right then and there, so I just said I’ll charge her fairly based on the effort I need to put in writing the paper. We agreed on a deadline, and the deal is on. Ana ordered dinner for the three of us, which signaled the end of the meeting and the beginning of an awesome evening.

I drank my maturity
When we were all stuffed with chicken and MSG, it was time for some wine and cheese. She brought out three wine glasses, a bottle of Lindeman’s Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet (Aussie, 2011), and two blocks of cheese (I’m not a connoisseur so I don’t know what they are) for our mini-party, and I have to say, I felt mature, and maybe even cultured, haha! Although I have limited knowledge on wines, moreso on cheese, I do appreciate good stuff when I taste them.

And the treat was really good. Karlo only had half a glass, so it was up to Ana and I to finish the bottle – which we did. I liked her choice because I’ve always been partial to new world wines, Chilean/South African (Two Oceans) being my favorite. I like medium-bodied wine with a heavy fruit aroma and crisp, contrasting flavors. I definitely prefer red over white, as I often find white a little too sweet for my palette.
The three stooges
To wash down the wine, I indulged in pure alcoholic pleasure in the form of Grey Goose, Absolut and Jack Daniel’s. I’m not a big drinker, but I’m not about to pass up on my all-time favorites. It was the perfect recipe for a hangover, but surprisingly, I woke up just fine (I hope this doesn't mean I'm becoming alcoholic). I learned that this is a great way to start off the work week! Thank you to my pimp, Karlo, and to our gracious and gorgeous wine and cheese party host, Ana! Now I’m back to reality, trying to re-hydrate as much as possible before I hit the gym tonight.


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