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Back in college, I was actually a varsity swimmer. I never got to compete in the UAAP because (1) my uncle died days before the games, and (2) I quit the team before the next season because I couldn't afford to eat like I do after each training session. But while I was still with the team, I trained, and I trained mean.

In those days, I'd swim for about two to three hours a day, three to four times a week. I was a natural backstroker because I'm pigeon-chested. I'd still do the other strokes, although I have to say I never quite succeeded in butterfly. Then there's dry training, which meant endless running and a wide mix of drills to strengthen my core (ab workouts were my absolute favorite!).

I was strong. After I quit the swimming team, I tried my hand at tennis. I didn't do so well, so I found myself embracing basketball next. My friend Barwin taught me how to play, and I daresay I did well. Running was also briefly in my list. And billiards, too! I even had my own table and cue stick. Although I did not belong to any team, I was still, very much, an athlete.

However, everything changed when I started working. For starters, there are no basketball courts or swimming pools near where I worked. And I didn't really have the drive to go running, because after eight hours behind a desk, all I want to do was plop onto my cozy single bed. As a result, my body shrank. I lost my strength and endurance. I grew weak.

Three months ago, I found myself signing up for gym membership at Fitness First. It was actually unplanned; I accompanied a friend to her free trial, and the next thing I know, I was handing my credit card over to the consultant. I must admit it's quite expensive and I don't quite make enough, but I'm definitely milking it for what it's worth. Yes, I was merely "dragged" into this whole gym thing. But now, it's practically my lifeline.

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I go to the gym because it makes me happy. After each workout, I feel light and refreshed despite the muscle pain. Every time I manage to reduce my best time at 3KM run, I feel fulfilled. When I'm able to do what my trainer asks me to do, I become more motivated to keep training. To be honest, I'm still struggling with the training sessions. Obviously, I don't have the same strength and endurance like I did before.

But I'm happy to note that I've got my drive back. My trainer, Ralph, even noted that it's good that I'm trying to overcome my limitations. In addition, there have been many changes since I started working out. My Dad noted that my posture is so much better, and another friend said my body's significantly more toned now. Yay!

My current gym goal is to prepare for a full marathon. I'm going to run 42 kilometers non-stop. I've set my mind to it, and this time, there will be no more excuses.


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