Burgers, puns and an apology

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I was supposed to go out with my friends from Plantersbank yesterday night, but because someone bailed (BOO! Haha! Happy birthday, Kuya Brian!), the plan didn't push through. It's a shame, on the one hand - I really miss drinking in The Plantation, one of my favorite restaurants in Makati. I love the tapa there! And I haven't visited since they've expanded the place, so I was really looking forward to it.

But because I was determined not to waste a perfectly good evening (it finally stopped raining, yey!), I messaged a college friend to invite him to go out for a nice bottle of beer. Luckily for me, he didn't have other plans for the evening, so he accepted my invitation. I shut down my computer, took a quick shower, and headed off to Katipunan Avenue. After I got dressed, of course.

The evening didn't go as expected. The traffic was so heavy because of the Ateneo Cheer Rally. We originally planned to grab beers in Cantina, but the place was packed (duh, it's Friday!) so we had to look for another place. I was surprised (and deeply saddened) to find out that Meat Shop, one of my favorite college hangouts, was already closed, so we decided to go to Ortigas Home Depot.

On the way there, we took two wrong turns - so wrong that we ended up having dinner in Army Navy in Katipunan Extension. We were already too hungry at the time that we didn't really want to brave traffic any longer. It was a good decision, because the burgers in Army Navy were crazy good! We each had a Double Burger (two big-ass patties, lots of veggies, and steak sauce) and side orders. The burger was huge - I only finished 3/4 of my sandwich - to think I brought a huge appetite!

This burger is BADASS.
Over dinner, we did a recap of what we've been up to since we last saw each other, and as it's been months, we both had a lot to share. He has a new job now, and I think it's been good to him because he seems less stressed and more relaxed. Since he lives in Fairview (a.k.a. Farview), the daily commute to his old job in Pasay was really taxing on him. Now, he works from home, and he even gets paid more!

We actually skipped the beer entirely and settled for dinner. While we do appreciate an ice cold bottle of malted barley, we were good enough friends to not need alcohol to keep the conversation going. For that reason, I am actually enjoying some wine as I am typing this post. I told him about my marathon goal, my short film project, my new (old) band, and my desire to hit the dating scene again soon. I actually wanted to ask him for tips - I was in a five-year relationship, so I must admit that I'm totally clueless when it comes to going out on dates.
Enjoying the present company. Thank you, Corinne, for the wine!
He gave me one key piece of advice, and that's to leave my jokes at home! Haha! I have this really odd sense of humor that few people get and even fewer appreciate. I have an incredible love for puns, the corniest ones, at that. He said that while my good friends don't mind my trademark punniness (SEE?!?), it's not exactly something I should bring to the table on a first date. Which is a bummer, if you ask me, because I believe with all my heart that puns, good or bad, are fun, pun, fun! (Sorry. Okay, I am soooo taking his advice! I'm pathetic!)

There was a period when we didn't talk, actually. For about a few months, I didn't reply to any of his messages. But when I got his farewell email to his colleagues (he copied me because I got him the job), I called him up and everything was back to normal. But I didn't tell him right away why I wasn't talking to him; at the time I just lied and said I wasn't getting messages on my Globe number. So tonight I told him that he offended me with something he said the last time we saw each other. He apologized. He didn't have to, but I appreciated it.

So I guess it's not such a bad thing when plans get cancelled, after all. Thank you for the wonderful evening, old friend. :)


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