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It has been months since my Dumaguete trip, but I still find myself smiling randomly at the recollection of the best moments I had while there. For me, the best part of my vacation would be jumping off the cliff at Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor Island. Karen was able to take a really nice photo of me suspended in mid-air. I just couldn't figure out what to do with my arms! Look! :)

JUMP! :)
Being a swimmer, I'm in very, very good terms with water. I don't recall a time I was ever afraid of it. My Mom told me that I often scared her to death when we would go swimming. I was too young to remember everything, but she recalled that when I was about two years old, I took off my floaters behind her back and jumped into a pool five feet deep. I must've been a crazy-ass kid!

Swimming is literally in my DNA; my Dad grew up in a fishing village in Bulacan. Being born with weak lungs, my Mom encouraged my addiction by enrolling me in swimming classes under Bert Lozada. When I was five years old, I wanted to become an Olympic swimmer, just like Akiko Thompson. It never happened (and it's probably too late now, haha!), but my love for the water never waned.

Although I was swimming all my life, I never really got to try cliff jumping until May 17, 2012. Hannah, Karen and I went to Siquijor Island, and the first stop of our tour was the picturesque Salagdoong Beach. We started swimming immediately after our late breakfast, and just as we were about to leave, we decided to walk around the resort a bit.

And that's when I saw people jumping off the cliff and into the deep blue sea. I got so jealous of those brave souls that I immediately climbed the earthen staircase to the diving platform and JUMPED! On my first try, water seeped into my nostrils, and the sheer force of my entry into the water pushed my bikini top way above my boobs - good thing I reacted quickly and pulled it back down! :)
Because one jump is not enough! :)
I had to give it another try. Well, two more tries, actually. Both times were on the higher platform, and since I was already able to anticipate when I will break the surface, I was able to prevent water from going into my nose. Although I still had to pull my bikini top back down again - so yeah, in the future, I am definitely wearing a one-piece! :)

Jumping off the cliff would have to be one of if not the most liberating experiences of my life so far. It's not just the experience itself, but rather what it represents. Forgive me for my audacity to quote myself, but I already wrote something about this in a previous post (which was about Siquijor Island, in general) and I really don't know how to say this in another way - so here goes:

"This escapade reminded me that I am braver than I often think I am. We all are. In life we are often pushed to the edge of proverbial cliffs, and when we are in that moment, we are confronted with the choice to jump in or not. Sometimes, you just need to forget everything and take a leap. Whether or not the gamble pays off is no longer the matter; it’s the stamp of bravery you get for jumping that makes all the difference in the end."


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