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Last Thursday, I met up with my friend, Corinne. We used to work together in SMX, but we didn't really have much interaction because she was in Operations and I was in Marketing. We didn't have a lot of interaction, so it wasn't until I was about to leave that we grew close. On the one hand it's sad, since it turns out we really like each other's company, but on the other, it's not so bad. SMX was a stressful environment, and we could have clashed had we worked closely enough.

After a long day's work, I headed to Bonifacio High Street (thanks, Denise, for the lift!) to see Corinne. I was there two hours before our agreed time, so I had a nice cup of joe at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I bumped into Vernes Go, who was my client when I was still handling accounts for SMX! This is actually the second time we crossed paths outside the convention center (the first was at Bugsy's), and I must say, it's really heartwarming when my clients remember me.

While waiting for Corinne, I decided to work a bit on the third script for my short film project. I was already typing up Act 8 when she arrived. I immediately shut my computer off, and together, we walked over to Market Market for a cheap but super yummy KFC dinner. We headed to her place after to gobble up half a bottle of Filus Malbec, an Argentinean wine.

One of a mere 92,400 bottles
It was, by far, one of the strongest/boldest wines I've tasted - truly full-bodied and very dry. In a previous entry, I noted that I personally prefer light to medium-bodied wine, with more hints of fruit than oak, but I have to say that I absolutely liked this. I was actually nursing a slight cold at the time, and the aroma of the wine was so intense, I sneezed! At first sip, I was in love.

(Side note: When I got home, I actually Googled our drink, and I learned that the Malbec is originally from Bordeaux, but the warmer weather in Argentina is better for growing the grape variety. This is quite an expensive wine - definitely way above my pay grade. The 2007 harvest only yielded 92,400 bottles, and I am delighted that I got to enjoy one! Thank you, Corinne!)

The original plan was to just have coffee somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. I just casually mentioned that I'd like some wine. On a whim, we decided to go to her house and drink there, which is why we didn't really get the chance to grab some cheese. So Corinne and I went into McGuyver mode, replacing the real deal with a worthy substitute: cheddar cheese-flavored chips! We bought one big bag, which lasted us the whole night.
Wine and cheese with MSG
As we took sips of wine and bites of chips, we talked in length about our lives. Jobs, frustrations, motivations, lessons, dating, truths, goals, plans, desires. We had silly moments, too - lots, actually. It's been months since we last saw each other, but we just picked up right where we left off. We had quiet moments that were far from awkward, and to me, that's an indicator of how far we've come as friends. 

We wrapped up at around 1am. We both had work the following day so neither of us could afford an all-nighter. I wrote her a message on her journal, and after that, I went home. We also made plans for a sleepover some time soon - with real cheese next time. I left with happy memories, and a bottle of wine! They have quite a lot of wines in their house, which no one really drinks, so she gave me a bottle of Grace Point Cabernet Shiraz! Thank you so much, Corinne! :)
My second Aussie in two weeks. :)

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