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Since I've been posting a lot about running, I figured it's only proper that I write something about the man who is helping me achieve my running goals: Daryll Timuat. He's a personal trainer at Fitness First (Robinson's Metro East), and I hired him to whip me into shape for the 42K marathon. Daryll, himself, is a finisher of the Ultra Marathon - that's even longer than 42K!

My other boss (in the gym!)
(photo from Daryll's Facebook page, used with permission)
I was sitting near the Personal Training station in the club, trying to interpret the numbers on my body mass index result slip, when he passed by. Since my trainer at the time wasn't around, I called on him to ask what the figures mean. He readily helped me out; he explained that my muscle mass was dropping because I was probably focusing too much on cardio.

Upon hearing that, I went into a slight panic mode. I told him that I want to run the marathon, which is why I was obsessing on the treadmill. He then shared that he, too, is a runner. He is a member of Team Uno, one of the top running teams in the Philippines. My face lit up immediately, for I knew that this was someone who can help me reach my goal.

What I appreciated about him is he wasn't pushing me to train with him. When I asked him for help with my BMI results, he happily assisted me without trying to offer his services as a personal trainer. I hate it when sales people shove things to my face, pushing me to make a purchase I didn't want or need.

So I immediately asked him for his rate card, and within a month, I managed to save enough dough to sign up with him. Our first session was an assessment of my current physical state, and I'm glad to note that after three months of working out at the gym, I was already above average! Yay!

Training with Daryll is fun and motivating (and yes, quite painful, but that's part of it!). He's very creative in mixing up workouts so they're not repetitive and boring, but he still sticks to the set goals. I don't get irritated when he corrects my exercise form or my stride, because he does so in a polite and cheerful tone of voice that is absolutely not offensive or abrasive.
He puts the fun in fun run! :)
(photo from Daryll's Facebook page, used with permission)
He studies the client's physique, and he adapts accordingly based on his or her strengths and limitations. For instance, I have an abnormally short torso for my legs, so he alters the workout to suit that. He gives me loads of tips on running, exercise, and even nutrition. I'm learning so much from him; his approach is very scientific, but he manages to explain things to me in plain English.

Daryll is very patient with me, and that's something I value because I know I can be a royal pain in the butt! He doesn't get frustrated (or at least he doesn't show it) when I'm close tapping out - instead, he gives encouragement, and that helps me keep going. He definitely knows when to push and when to pause. He's a good coach, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a personal trainer.


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