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About a couple of months after the Condura Skyway Marathon, The Running Belles finally had a follow-up run: Solar Entertainment's Earth Run 2012! Danna was the one who registered on our behalf, because she was the one who found out about the event while she was out shopping with her family one weekend. She signed us up only for the 3K category since we were all saving up for our respective summer plans (mine being the Dumaguete vacation).

Post-race expo - still fresh! :)
The registration fee was only Php250.00, but to be fair, the singlet was very nice! Unfortunately, though, the one that I got was four sizes too big for me, so after the run, I just gave my singlet to my trainer, Ralph (it fits him perfectly!). After the event, we each got a backpack filled with various product samples, plus a certificate of participation. 

We were actually late, so we did our warm-up in the form of brisk-walking to the starting line! When we got there, the last wave of the 3k participants have already started running, so we had to catch up. Good thing the shortest category is always the last to start. And for what it's worth, running to the start line actually gave me my momentum.

I crossed the finish line in 21 minutes and 13 seconds, which means I only took 7 minutes and a few seconds to finish each kilometer. I can't claim, though, that that's an improvement from my record in the Condura Skyway Marathon of over 8 minutes to a kilometer, since I ran the 5K category there. I don't want to compare because the two-kilometer difference is too big to be ignored.
We did it! YAY! :)
Our route was limited to just around Bonifacio Global City, so after the run, we had our much-needed breakfast at Bon Chon Chicken, where I always, always order the chicken breast fillet (chops). I was still very hungry even if I've already had a tall glass of taho before we set foot in the restaurant. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I eat like a linebacker. :)
Hungry Belles at BonChon
Too bad Ana had another engagement on that day, and Shaine wasn't able to wake up early, so they both missed this run. But for sure there will be plenty more opportunities, and I really hope all six of us could run together in the same event. 


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