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One of the sponsors of Unilab and RunRio's Run United 2 is Rexona, the country's leading deodorant brand. For this reason, Unilever paid for the registration fee of 100 of its employees, and we were among those who signed up. It's a good thing that my friend Shaine acted really fast and registered on behalf of The Running Belles, because slots ran out in a matter of days.

A few days before Run United, I bought a new pair of Nike Free Run 3. Although I've worn it to the gym twice before race day, my feet have not completely broken into the shoes yet. Despite my trainer's advice to wear my old cross-trainers, I decided to wear my new running shoes since 5K was a short distance, anyway. It was a big mistake not listening to the expert!

I'm not pissed - I'm in PAIN! (Well, maybe a little pissed. Camera guy was in my way. Haha!)
On the last kilometer, my left knee started to hurt that I could barely jog! There was a sharp pain right under the kneecap, and I really felt the pain with each step. For about a minute or two, I was cursing under my breath, not just because of the pain, but because I feared that I would not be able to beat my personal record. 
Sprinting on the final stretch
With my record in mind, I pushed myself to run. It helped that the marshals were cheering the runners on, because their chants were exactly what I needed to hear as I fought through the pain. I was once told that running is mental as it is physical, and it was at that moment that I fully understood what that meant. I sprinted at the final stretch and crossed finish line at top speed.

The results were published on their website three days after the run. I actually ran using Danna's bib (where the timing chip is attached) because I was dumb enough to forget mine in the envelope where my singlet was, so I had to look for her name intead of mine. She wasn't able to join us because of a family affair, but it was as if she still participated: I did the actual running, but the result is under her name! :)
Another one bites the dust. Haha! :)
I'm happy to note that despite the close call with injury, I managed to reduce my personal record! From 42 minutes and 35 seconds, I only took 37'45" to get to the finish line! Every second is a lifetime, so it really means a lot to me that I managed to reduce my time by 4'50". It shows that my training is paying off! 

My friend Bianca once said to me that running is a metaphor for life. We sometimes hurt ourselves with bad judgments, but we all have what it takes to keep going. Sometimes, we just need to make the decision to stay the course even when we already want to stop, and that makes all the difference.


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