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With the exception of emails, work-related documents, and posts on Facebook and Twitter, I do most of my writing in the evenings. If I had to choose between sleeping and writing, I would choose the latter if I could help it. Whenever my mother would catch me writing on my journal at 3am or so, she would joke that I'm slowly turning into a vampire. Sans the blood-sucking, of course.

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Perhaps it's the mix of emotions that the night-time elicits in me that makes writing a little bit easier for me. For starters, the cooler weather renders me into a state of relaxation, which is most conducive to writing. Everything about the night is cloaked in mystery. There are crickets humming a lonely rhythm as the moon shines upon them in its solitary glory.

Like most creative writers, my body clock is as screwed as it gets. There are times when I would sleep all day long, wake up after the sun sets, and spend all night writing, alert as an owl or a bat. To correct my sleeping pattern, I would go to work without any sleep, running on varying doses of coffee, tea and Coca-Cola. At the end of the day, I would be so tired that I'll doze off immediately, and I'll wake up the following morning with a non-alcoholic hangover.
Writing is best done at night.
(photo from the internet)
There are moments when I would find myself wishing for more time - more minutes to an hour, more hours to a day, to write. Being an active member of the Philippine workforce, nine to ten hours of my day belongs to the office. Then there's two hours for gym, about an hour for commuting to and from work, another hour for bonding with my Dad, and seven to eight hours of sleep (athlete's rest), and about an hour for chores.

I am often left with just an hour, which I need to split between writing and reading. Since the allotted time is obviously not enough, I would borrow from sleep, to be repaid during weekends. It's not an ideal setup, but it works just fine. Writing, just like life, is a race against time - you need to strike while you're inspired, otherwise, you lose the moment forever. For that reason, I don't really think there's much I can do except to let myself become the occasional vampire.

Side note: Whenever I feel that there is not enough time, I find myself simultaneously irritated (because there's so much to do) and grateful (that I'm currently single, because a relationship is another time-eater).


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