Congratulations, Ava and Gershwin! :)

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This blog post goes out to my two friends, Ava Te and Gershwin Zabat, who recently got ENGAGED! CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Soon to be Mister and Missus! :)
(photo from Ava's Facebook page, used with permission)
I had the privilege of spending one Saturday with the couple and their adorable son, Athan, and it was then that it dawned on me - these two are, simply put, the right fit. They're alike in some ways and different in most, but they understand each other. More than that, actually, they support and encourage one another as they both pursue their individual dreams. 

I'm amazed how they do it - growing together as life partners while maintaining their own identities, reaching for different goals, living their own lives. Again, fit. And then there's the unquestionable truth that behind everything, Ava and Gersh are brimming with love for one another. I'm confident that these two will have a happy married life.

Again, congratulations, Ava and Gershwin! All the best to you two (and to Athan, of course)! :)

P.S. I'm delighted that I'm back in your lives just in time to witness this, so thank you for the second chance. :)


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