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Lately, I've been collaborating a lot with my friend, Gershwin. He used to be the keyboardist of our now-defunct band, Familiar. He plays the guitar now, and since his grandfather's demise two years ago, he got into songwriting.

A little over a year ago, we had a big fight. Neither of us could actually remember what it was all about, exactly, but I can say without a doubt that it was mostly my fault. Whatever he said or did was only a reaction to what I said or did first. We stopped talking for the longest time, but when we patched things up, it was like we never even fought.

Gershwin comes from a musical family. His grandfather, Kiko Gatchalian, was the first man who sent Filipino music talents abroad to perform, and he also played the trumpet. His father, Ricky Zabat, is a saxophonist of the highest order. So it should come as no surprise that Gershwin became a musician, himself. (He is, after all, named after George and Ira.)

Gershwin and his lovely fiancee, Ava - the force behind ArtsyFartsyAva :)
(photo from Gershwin's Facebook page, used with permission)
He plays the piano, keyboards, and the guitar (and even the bass, when he feels like it). He writes, too - he's written a number of stories, some of which I actually edited, and he's a gifted songwriter as well. He takes inspiration from practically everything around him, and he is able to translate life into wonderful, radio-worthy songs. Of his compositions, I have to say my favorites are Himbing and Mulat.

I'm lucky that Gershwin has tapped me to sing some of his works. So far, we've recorded about four songs already, including Palaisipan, his entry to the 1st Philippine Pop Music Festival (I submitted Kape. Neither of us won, haha!). Demos are uploaded on his Soundcloud account - click here to view his page and listen to the tracks! :)


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