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I don't have a car - I can't afford one right now, because I am paying the mortgage for a condominium unit and life insurance premiums on top of pitching in for daily household expenses. There are days when I desperately wish to have a car, if only to avoid commuting when it's raining cats and dogs.

Para po sa ukay!
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But on most days, I'm okay with not having a car because in my daily commute, I discover a lot of wonderful ukay-ukay shops! When I was working for SMX, I often had to take the bus home. The bus would drop me off at EDSA Guadalupe, and from there, I had to walk a bit to the jeepney station for my last ride. It is on these walks that I found five different stores that tickled my fancy. 

When my brother and I moved to Antipolo City to live in our Dad's house, I was already working in Plantersbank in Makati. At the end of each workday, I took a shuttle to get to Marikina, from where I took one more jeepney ride home. I would get off at the public market and walk to the sports complex where the jeepneys waited in line for passengers. This is how I found the shop where I got several dresses and skirts from! 

Since we lived far apart, Marvie and I would often meet halfway for dates when we were still together. The location that was fair for both of us in terms of distance was Cubao. The place is teeming with ukay-ukay stores! Along EDSA alone, I already know and frequent three shops, but there's plenty more near Gateway Mall and Aurora Boulevard. To this day, I have not explored all shops yet, but I plan to work on that.

There's also a small but well-ventilated ukay-ukay along Katipunan Avenue, near MiniStop. I found it when I paid my alma mater a visit to claim my long-overdue diploma. I decided to walk from Ateneo to the Katipunan LRT station, and on my way there I saw the store.

Cheapskate shopping has become the ultimate perk for this seasoned commuter, for all commutes lead to ukay-ukay! Commuting leads to a lot of discoveries if you're open to wonderful new experiences. (Just be careful, of course, and do try to stick to routes you're familiar with. Or if you're not very used to public transport, ask a friend to accompany you.)


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