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My Mom and I only got to go ukay-ukay shopping together once, about a year before she passed away. We lived in Makati City at the time. On a random summer day, we went to Chow King in Baranggay Pembo because we were both craving for cheap, MSG-laden Chinese fast food. Just as we were about to leave, we saw an ukay-ukay shop across the street, and we decided to look around a bit.

It was ukay heaven. Everything was organized into sections - tops (further classified based on sleeves), skirts, jeans, and dresses. I instinctively walked over to the dress section, and I found this really incredible vintage number:

Another classic find! :)
Because the dress was white, we joked that this is what I will wear if I choose to get married in a civil ceremony! And the empire cut is ideal if I'm trying to hide a baby bump. Haha! :)

When I inspected it, the zipper was actually not working, which is why the sales lady gave me a generous discount - from Php150 to just Php75! My Mom is a skilled seamstress, actually, so she replaced the zipper, herself, saving me money for repairs.

STORE INFO: The shop is located in Brgy. Pembo, Makati City. It's okay to bring a car because you can park in Chow King or Mercury Drug across the street. To get there from EDSA Guadalupe, take a jeepney bound for Pateros and get off at Brgy. Pembo. It's across the street from Chow King and Mercury Drug.


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