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I am an absolute sucker for dresses! Every single time I go to an ukay-ukay, I head towards the dress racks first. To me, dresses are so easy to wear, because there's hardly any thinking or effort involved - no need to worry if the top goes with the bottom because it's just a single, continuous piece of clothing. For as long as it fits you, and it hugs you in all the right places, you have nothing to worry about.

Buying dresses from ukay shops can be quite tricky, because it's not always easy to determine how it will fit. Note that there's a difference between a dress that fits and a dress that fits nicely - it's not always a matter of size. I guess the key here is to know your body, and know which cuts work for your frame.

What I love about malls is that they have comfortable fitting rooms, and I can try everything on without worrying about insect bites or allergy attacks. So that's where I try out different dresses to see which styles work best for me. I don't buy anything, though - When I know what suits me best, I go to the ukay-ukay to find something similar.

So here's something that I scored on one of my ukay trippies:

To this day, I'm actually not sure if this is the real front. I hope it is.
Love the back detail! :)
A closeup of the cute ribbon
This dress is high-waisted, so it's ideal for my straight frame. I got it from another small ukay shop for only Php70. It was on retail for Php100, but since I bought more than one item that day, the sales lady gave me a discount.

STORE INFO: The shop is located in Marikina City. Don't bring a car because there's nowhere to park. From Cubao, there are plenty of jeepneys that will take you to Marikina, just get off at the Marikina Sports Complex. When you're there, look for the big fountain (the main entrance), and cross the street to get to the public market. Walk along the sidewalk strip for about a minute or two (depending on how fast you walk) and you'll see it.


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