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I love watching television series about law enforcement. My most recent addiction is USA Network's White Collar! It's not Mad Men in terms of depth or accuracy, but it's fun to watch (and it doesn't hurt that Marsha Thomason is scorching hot, as is Matt Bomer). I may have had an overdose on the show, as I had to catch up on three full seasons plus five episodes of the fourth route. When I finished watching the latest episode, I found myself typing "FBI" on Google Search.

Yet another television addiction (aside from Suits and Mad Men).
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My current favorite (fictional) FBI Agent, Diana Berrigan
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The FBI website is actually quite interesting, if I may say so. I first looked through the Most Wanted lists. Interestingly enough, there's a Filipino on the Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorists! His name's Isnilon Totoni Hapilon, wanted for conspiracy to commit hostage-taking resulting in death, murder of a US national outside the US, etc. He's affiliated with the Abu Sayyaf Group. It says on his profile that he's a graduate of the University of the Philippines School of Engineering, and that he was born in 1996.
It's worth the visit, I promise! Check it out! :)
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Crazy part: Obviously, there's no freakin' way this guy was born in 1996 because that makes him only 16 years old - that's the usual age people graduate from high school in the Philippines. So I Googled this guy, and as it turns out, he was born in 1966. So using the Tip and Public Leads submission form, I informed the FBI of the typo error on their website. I'm half-expecting a surveillance van outside my house when I wake up tomorrow. Haha!

I kept browsing through the site and I stumbled upon the list of people wanted for White Collar Crimes! I wonder who are the real Burkes, Berrigans, and Joneses are, and if they've enlisted an actual Caffrey to help them out. I mean, it is possible - Frank Abagnale, Jr. did it before. Anyhow, there are two Filipinos on this list, could you believe that? Julieanne Baldueza Dimitrion's there for mortgage fraud, while Peter Medel Aro is wanted for mail fraud and money laundering.
An interesting list I'm glad to not be part of.
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Apparently, there's a US$20,000 bounty if you help the FBI apprehend white collar criminals, US$100,000 for any one of the fugitives, and a cool US$5 million for the terrorists. That's quite the incentive, isn't it? I don't think any one of these felons are hiding somewhere I'd have access to, though, so I guess I should just forget about the list of books and wines I plan to buy if I could just point the good guys to any one of the wanted felons.

They even have a "Fun and Games" tab! There are Quizzes for amateur (a.k.a. wannabe) sleuths like myself to test our knowledge on the FBI. There are four tests: Counterintelligence, FBI in Pop Culture, Famous Faces, and Cryptanalysis. It's actually pretty cool, or maybe I'm just a dork. But I'm hoping they would spice up the quiz pages, because they won't seem interesting to someone who isn't interested. A picture with each question would be a nice touch.
I tried to apply for one, but I'm obviously not qualified. Haha!
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Stupid part: Still on the website, I went over to the "Jobs" tab and started browsing through career opportunities. Apparently, there are two primary paths - Special Agent, and Professional Staff, and the former sounds significantly more exciting. I am fully aware that I am in no way qualified for any job in the FBI, but because I was being stupid, I actually tried to apply as a linguist. Haha! But I'm sure they already have some Pinoys on board.

For the record, I did want to become a policewoman when I was younger. I wanted to lock up the bad guys. Someone pointed out that the value I feel most strongly about is fairness, and I like to think I have a good sense of right and wrong (or maybe I used to, haha!). But life had other plans, so I only just read books, and watch movies and television shows, while wondering what could have been.


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