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I've said this before and I'll say it again - I am the worst tourist in the world! I went to Dumaguete without a camera. I had a phone with a camera that can take acceptable photos (granted that the looker has low standards), but I was just too lazy to use it! My friends, who were expecting nice snapshots from my vacation, were very disappointed (although they were definitely not surprised) that I went home with a mere 30 photos from my week-long trip. 

Luckily for me, I met Karen, and she LOVES taking photos! (She was the one who took the photo of me jumping off the cliff in Siquijor, among others) I've already written a very lengthy entry about going to Apo Island (click here to read the old post). And since I don't really have anything new to say about the experience, let me just share with you the photos that Karen emailed me:
To the left, to the left! (I hate that song.) Apo Island awaits! :)
The yummiest lechon in all the land! You don't even need sauce to enjoy this motha! My friend Jerry told me about this, so Hannah and I set out to look for it. This is sold every Wednesday at Malatapay Tabo (public market).
Along with pancit and bananacue, this was my baon to Apo Island. 
I spy with my little eye... APO ISLAND! :)
The island has a very small population, and life is very rural. The sources of livelihood are tourism and fishing. 
This was our view during lunch. We had just come back from swimming with the turtles - I saw four big ones. It felt almost magical to be so close to those creatures!

From this beach, we swam out to look at the most beautiful secret garden I have ever seen - a few meters under the water! The sands were white, albeit a little coarse. It's the perfect place to get a tan! :)
Karen and I had a picture taken with Kuya Sydney, our tour guide for the day. He's a hardworking family man. He literally pulled Karen back to shore when she got too tired to swim. She bought him a beer, haha! :)
Aside from the turtles and the corals, another thing that definitely made this experience unforgettable is INJURY! I cut my foot on one of the dead corals while swimming with the turtles. The cut was quite deep. The island folk gave me bandages and micropore tape as First Aid. But when I got back to Dumaguete City, I had to go to the hospital to get the wound cleaned, and to get anti-tetanus shots. 
I can't wait to go back next year! Hopefully, I'll have my own camera by then. A waterproof one, so I could take snapshots of the incredible marine life! :)


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