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A few weeks back, my friend slash roommate Pauline and I met up in Eastwood City for our regular tea session. Sadly, though, our favorite Ceylon Tea from UCC Park Cafe was phased out, so the experience is no longer the same for us. Our meeting that week was for a debrief of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, so we thought it would be appropriate to do it over wine.
We went to Galileo Enoteca Deli, and I fell in love with the place immediately. It was classy but not over the top, elegant but not snooty, fancy but still very cozy. I like the brick interior and the wall paintings. I feel that those design touches emit warmth and romance that makes the restaurant perfect for dates!  And of course, the obsessive-compulsive person in me instantly fell in love with the immaculate display shelves.
It's worth the climb
A library
Wines, pastas, and sauces
I was famished when I got there. I haven't had dinner yet, and I had just had an intense workout with Daryll, so I ordered and finished off a ten-inch shrimp and garlic pizza by myself (I was rewarding myself for a long day at work and a great exercise session). It's way better than the versions of S&R and Yellow Cab - it wasn't greasy, the crust is thin, the garlic was finely chopped. And most importantly, it tasted great!
All mine. Oink.
With my pizza, I ordered a big carafe of red wine, and it was just enough for two. I'm not very familiar with Italian wine brands (South Africa's Two Oceans is my personal favorite), and as it was our first visit, we agreed to order the house wine. I found out that the restaurant organizes wine and cheese pairing events. I'm definitely signing up for the next one.
Halfway down my first glass
Complimentary bread and salsa :)

The waiters were courteous, warm and friendly, and that's something I always appreciate in a restaurant. Good service keeps me coming back, and that being said, I'm looking forward to my next visit. I'm definitely trying some pastas, and another kind of wine. :)


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