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In 2009, I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent SMX in an international convention in Thailand. It was my first time out of the country as an adult (my first trip abroad was to Saudi Arabia when I was four, and I really don't remember that much from the trip). It was also my first major business trip, and I got so excited that I packed a week before my flight! :)

As I was there for work, I didn't really get to see much of the city. Good thing the Philippine Department of Tourism sponsored a nice dinner on a river cruise on our last night, so I got my dose of fun from that! I managed to squeeze in a little shopping during the breaks from the conference. Armed with my per diem, I splurged on shoes, bags, and pasalubong!

Because I am the world's worst tourist (haha!), and because I was working most of the time I was there, I wasn't able to take that many photos. Below are the few I've got:
We were billeted at Holiday Inn in Ploenchitt, Bangkok, which is about a stone's throw away from the conference venue, Central World. I shared the room with Charry Casabar, SMX Director of Sales.
On our first night, we did a little bit of shopping because it's Bangkok! Charry's friend, Ria Gatuz-Galvez, Assistant Sales Director from Sofitel Philippine Plaza, was with us.
We had steak and vegetables for dinner. I remember being so full after. Full, and grateful - I was worried that I might not have that many food choices there because I'm a picky eater.
There was a Balloon Art Exhibition at the time of my visit. We weren't allowed to take photos, but  this display was too good for me to not take a photo. Isn't it awesome? :)
The event organizers really went all-out. There was a Welcome Party for all the delegates, with a bossa nova band playing! This lady was serving cocktails on her skirt-tray, tray-skirt. Cool! :)
This is a bad attempt at being a tourist - getting our photo taken with the locals. 
On our last night, the Philippine Delegation went on a River Cruise. This is a photo of us at the port, right before we boarded the ferry. I love Team Philippines! :)
We had our photo taken before they let us help ourselves to the buffet. What's really cool is that the singer in the ferry was Filipina! She was so happy to see us, and she even sang a couple of Tagalog songs for us! :)
I'm not sure what that bridge is called, but it's lovely! :)
I was trying to keep my hair in place; we were cruising against the wind so I had to use my hands to prevent a hair disaster. 
It was a really memorable trip for me, and I'm thinking of going back there again in the future for sightseeing and for shopping. I hope my next visit won't be for work! :)


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