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Siquijor is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, and I'm really happy that Karen took a lot of photos that I can share on this blog. As with Apo Island, I also wrote a long post about the trip (click here to read), so this post contains only photos and captions. :)

We've arrived! Siquijor Island is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)
I love this photo, so I think it's worth re-posting. This is the bravest thing I did on that trip.
This is the view from the cliff where I jumped off into the ocean. The drop is about 8 to 10 meters, if I'm not mistaken. The kayak actually capsized right after this photo was taken. Good thing they all know how to swim! :)
Church of Lazi, a national heritage site. There are actually lots of Churches in Siquijor, most of which were built during the Spanish occupation to fend off evil spirits that they believed inhabited the island.
Cambugahay Falls is a three-tiered waterfall. This is the top tier, where we went swimming. I stayed under the waterfall for a nice cold water massage. Getting there was quite hard because the depth was uneven - some parts were shallow, while others were deep. Beside me is Jessa, and she helped me find my way. 
With Hannah as our interpreter, we made friends with the local kids. We all clung to the rock so we wouldn't get swept by the current as our tour guide for the day, Paul, took this photo. Come to think of it, we look like mermaids! :) 
At the bottom tier of Cambugahay Falls, the three wanderers had their photo taken! :) We didn't take a dip down here anymore since we spent a lot of time on the upper tier. Besides, Hannah and I had a boat to catch, as we both needed to get back to Dumaguete - she had work, while I needed beer. :)
This was our last stop before we dropped Karen off at her lodgings for the evening. It's the biggest Balete tree I have ever seen in my life! It reminds me of the Hometree from the James Cameron sci-fi masterpiece Avatar. I was half-expecting Jake Sully or Neytiri to make an appearance.
You will not find a port cleaner than this, anywhere in the world! The facilities are not fancy, but they are well-maintained. And the water is so clean, you can actually see the ocean floor! It's so amazing!
Saying goodbye was difficult. The place was just so unbelievable, and the whole experience was beyond awesome.
Fare thee well, Siquijor! I'll be back next year, I PROMISE! :)
Next year, I'm staying in the island for at least two days. There's just so much to see so one day is simply not enough! :) 


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