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If you read my Ukay Monday posts, you will know that I'm a sucker for cheap pre-loved finds. But just so you know, my bargain-hunting skills go beyond the humble ukay-ukay! I get a lot of help from my friend Pauline, who's nothing short of a goddess when it comes to shopping. Whenever she discovers a new ukay-ukay shop, a tiangge, or a factory outlet, she would always give me the heads up (or we go together, if our schedules permit).

Since I already invested in my Fitness First membership, I figured I'd take things up a notch by buying some new gym clothing. I didn't have anything nice to wear on my first week. Not that gym people care about how I look, because I know they don't. But like I said in another post, you never know who you will bump into on any given day, so it pays to be presentable.

SM's Surplus is my go-to location for really awesome factory overruns. I scored two pairs of Hurley board shorts, running shorts, two shirts and four tank tops, all for under Php1,000.00! The good thing about this is the clothes are all new, so I don't have to worry about getting allergies when I try them on. Plus, even if I'm not the brand-conscious type, it's nice to have some original items in your closet - especially if you didn't have to pay full price.

By the way, I highly recommend wearing board shorts to the gym. I don't like jogging pants, because I feel that it slows me down when I'm running. I'm also not fond of leggings, because I don't like it when my big behind gets undue attention. Board shorts are very light, so it's easy to move around in them. It also helps that they're easy to wash, and they dry quickly, so you can just invest in three pairs and wear them alternately.

You can also try Shopwise in Libis for really nice gym attire. Just like Surplus, a lot of the things sold there are factory overruns so they're very cheap! When I went there to grab some groceries, I also bought two pairs of running shorts for only Php150.00 each. There's a very wide selection of active wear, with prices ranging from Php100.00 to Php1,000.00.

Now, I maybe a cheapskate, but I also know that you can't really avoid buying expensive things every now and then. In my case, I invested big in running shoes. A few weeks ago, I splurged on a pair of Nike Free Run 3! My first big buy of 2012, woohoo! I bought it out of necessity, actually - I was wearing out my three-year-old Nike cross-trainers with my runs and my trips to the gym, so I got an alternate.

The alternate. This time, I didn't buy cheap. Haha :)
I went to RUNNR in Bonifacio Global City to have my stride checked (a must, if you're taking running seriously) so I could invest in the right shoes. Lucky for me, Nike Free Run 3 is ideal for my neutral stride. I didn't buy my shoes from there because they didn't have it in the color I wanted. So I went to Nike Stadium in Robinson's Metro East instead. Actually, they didn't have the shoes in my size when I first inquired, but they were kind enough to pull out stocks from another branch so I could buy it there.

Days after I made the request, the shoes were mine! And with every single stride, my feet are thanking me for this investment. Wearing the right shoes can significantly reduce the possibility of injury. I've had my generous share of pain (for wearing running shoes in a basketball game - OUCH!), so now I'm more careful. I'm not getting any younger, and my body can't take the same abuse as it did before. Besides, getting sidelined by injury is not in the least bit fun.

Happy shopping, and enjoy your workout! :)


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