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I have a very limited background in martial arts. Although I've seen over a hundred martial arts films in my lifetime and I absolutely loved seeing Bruce Lee beating the crap out of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, it wasn't something I pursued in real life. The only time I actually studied it was in college, when I enrolled in a self-defense course for women.

The class was a mix of various disciplines like karate, tae kwon do, and judo, but our instructor wasn't very particular with form or power. He was very practical; what mattered to him was we knew how to execute the moves in cases of emergency. So yes, if push comes to shove, I do know how to beat a man up if I have to. Luckily, I've never had to use in real life anything I've learned from my instructor!

On our second week at Fitness First, Shaine and I decided to try Body Combat, one of the group exercises offered at the club. It's a combination of martial arts and dance. We thought it would be fun - when we walked past ongoing classes on our first few visits, the participants seemed to be having an awesome time. Although Shaine and I had different fitness goals, Body Combat was ideal for both of us because it balanced weight loss, strength training and muscle toning.

It was way more difficult than it looked! We weren't able to finish the class - we tapped out halfway because we got so tired! Body Combat was very, very intense! The instructor was a petite but incredibly fit woman who really knows how to mix things up, thus creating fun routines. She made us do various combinations of punches and kicks, and the workout was enjoyable as it was exhausting.

Body Combat is not for me, or maybe not yet. Despite being 25 years old, I still have the occasional difficulty telling right from left, haha! I have zero coordination. I have bad eyesight, so I can't always see what the instructor is doing. And although I'm not very tall (I'm only 5'3.5"), I do have long limbs so I'm always worried that my punches and kicks might land on someone by accident.

But I do want to give it another shot, because I absolutely loved the intensity of the workout. You can literally feel the burn, and despite the air conditioning, you will leave the studio drenched in your own sweat. Perhaps I'll take a morning class next time when I do decide to give it another try, just so there would be more room since there's fewer people around.


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