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Before I re-vamped this blog, I wrote an entry called Running From, Running To. It was mostly about joining the Condura Skyway Marathon, but I also talked about quitting smoking. I said there that I made a decision to quit smoking once and for all, and I regret to say that I fell back into the habit weeks after. I tried to quit smoking again last June, using a different approach. 

I didn't want to go cold turkey, since it didn't work for me the last time. I tried to quit gradually, and I managed to reduce my consumption significantly. I usually smoke between 7 to 10 sticks a day, and I reduced it to one stick daily for a week. I managed to not smoke for one whole week. Unfortunately, stress got the better of me, and I'm back to regular smoking again. 

Yes, I've failed one too many times. But I'm going to try again. My friend Diane told me that it takes 21 days to build or to break a habit. That's just three weeks! I'll avoid the usual temptations like going out for coffee or drinks. I'll also get my family to help me out - I'll ask them to not leave cigarettes around the house, so as not to make smoking convenient and therefore tempting for me. I'll also create a progress tracker to remind me everyday how close I am to my 21-day goal.

I wish, oh, I wish.
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Some of my college smoking buddies have already managed to stop. One of them is Miko, and when I asked him how he did it, he said he just made the decision and never looked back. I must admit that I don't really have his willpower, so I bugged him for additional quitting tips. His next piece of advice is quite funny: he said that it also helps to have someone who will get mad at you if you smoke again. Since this conversation was published on my Facebook timeline, my other friends saw it. Shaine and Hannah volunteered to be the forces of emotional blackmail, haha! :)

Aside from the obvious health benefits, I have two good reasons to quit smoking. First is my goal to run the 42K marathon. Obviously, I will not be able to conquer that if my nicotine addiction gets the better of me. And second, I'm singing again, and smoking will not be good for my voice. So I have to be strong to win this battle. Please pray for me! :)


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