Hustle part 2

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At the moment, I'm on the hunt for my next pool cue. The last one I had was was a 22-ounce Minnesota Fats maple cue with a nickel-radius tip. It wasn't particularly special, but it did get the job done. It's perfect for breaks and quite decent for regular play, although I must say a thinner tip would have been nice.

Once my favorite toy
(photo from the internet)
I'm having a hard time replacing it because a lot of what's available in sporting goods stores weigh only 19 ounces, which I find too light. And there is no way I'm spending on a graphite cue, no matter how cheap it is; I am of the opinion that no self-respecting player would use that.

I asked around for custom sticks in Manila, and the cheapest retails for about Php12,000.00. I also looked at Predator Cues, but the shafts alone cost around US$250.00. That's a lot of money I don't quite have right now. And even if I did have the cash to spare, I don't think I spend it on cues.
Beautiful, but too pricey.
(photo from the internet)
Most sporting goods stores sell graphite sticks, with just one or two maple cues in their range, and the brands aren't exactly well-known. Cheap, but I don't know if they're any good. While I know that brands don't matter as much as the feel, it does help if they are recommended by other users in online forums.

Since I don't plan to make billiards an income source by going pro, I'll settle for a cheap but reliable cue. I'm not sure if I'll get another Minnesota Fats cue; my last was okay, but maybe there's something better out there for the same (or even lower) price. I'll spend the next month or two looking.


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