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I can say without ego that I am a very organized person. Not to blow my own horn, but my room and my office cube are immaculate. I got my current job because of this trait. During the interview, John asked me to describe myself, and I said I was OC. He asked what I meant, and instead of explaining, I just showed him my Moleskine planner. He was blown away by my color-coded to-do lists, and I was hired on the spot.

If you need more proof of my OC-ness, allow me to present exhibit A: my bag, and everything in it.

Gray Matters
This gray bag is my current favorite. I got it for a mere Php300 from SM Department Store! The material is waterproof so it's my go-to bag for the remainder of the rainy season.

The Arsenal
The bag may be small, but it's definitely spacious. Everything in the picture fits comfortably inside, with room to spare! I don't like having to fish inside my bag when I'm looking for something, which is why I have pouches.

Smooth Operator
I have two mobile phones - one is issued by the company, and the other is my personal line. The Hello Kitty pouch is a Christmas/birthday gift from my best friend, Joandrea, and I love it because both my phones fit in it. It even has a small pocket at the back I have yet to use.

Emergency Stash
If there's one thing I dislike more than getting hungry, it's getting hungry without an emergency stash. So I always carry with me a Ziploc with at least two small packs of biscuits and/or crackers. When I'm going to the office, I throw in a sachet or two of instant coffee with cream and sugar.

Girl Scout
Whether or not it's raining when I leave the house, I always bring my trusty umbrella. It pays to be prepared.

Color Code
To write my color-coded To-Do Lists, I have to have several colored pens. I like Schneider's Topliner 967 series, and I have it in eight colors: red, blue, violet, purple, green, orange, brown, and black. I threw in a magic pencil, a Sharpie, correction tape, and an eraser.

The Musts
Instead of a wallet, I have a cute Sakura case for my credit cards, ATMs, and identification, and a coin purse for my money. In my line of work, business cards are a must, so the black case is always full of it. And being musically-inclined, I won't last a day without my iPod Nano and my earphones.

Idea Notebook
My Moleskine planner is in my computer bag all the time, since I use it for work. I don't bring it with me when I go out with friends. But as a writer, I can't ever leave home without a pen and paper. I keep this small notebook handy, because inspiration strikes anywhere, and I'd be an idiot to let a good idea pass.

Mixed Nuts
For when he needs it, I always carry extra business cards for my boss. The money here is the revolving fund issued to me by the company for office-related emergencies. And because I am a sucker for discounts and freebies, I keep these booklets handy all the time.

Basic Care
I'm not particularly kikay, so my grooming kit is filled with nothing but the most basic items I can think of: wet wipes, feminine wipes, comb, lip balm, petroleum jelly, tissue, and hand sanitizer. On more special days, I'd throw in a tube of lipstick and compact powder to this stash.

Inspector Gadget
Although I am far from being a techie, I understand that I exist in the internet age and it can't hurt to adapt, at least to a certain extent. Hence, I always carry my USB flash disk, mobile broadband stick, iPod cable, external hard drive, and camera.

(Note: My laptop and Moleskine planner are kept in a separate bag; I don't want all the weight to strain one shoulder because it aggravates my scoliosis.)

Cheers to being OC! :)


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