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One of my papers for my Science and Society (Sci10) course was about the trees inside the Ateneo campus. The trees were what I loved most about the place - some of them are definitely older than I am! More than landscaping, they are part of a student's education. The trees serve as a constant reminder of how we are part of and how we are one with nature. Especially when you encounter the dreaded higad (hairy caterpillar).

Sadly, though, when I visited Ateneo last year, there were one too many new buildings erected that I almost lost my way. Don't get me wrong - I'm all for putting up new facilities, if needed. For instance, the Rizal Library Extension is something that I personally appreciate, as is Leong Hall. However, I couldn't help but wonder, how many trees were cut to make way for these new structures?

Being somewhat weird, one of my college pastimes is lying down on the road between H.V. dela Costa Hall and Colayco Hall (which was demolished to make way for the MVP Center for Student Leadership). For obvious reasons, I only do this in the evenings - around 9pm onwards - and when it's not raining. I would lie there and marvel at the shadows cast by the converging foliage of the two trees on either side of the road.

This used to be a road. But I'm glad the trees are still standing.
(photo from the internet)
Anyhow, about the paper, I was so emotional while writing it. The passion I felt at the time was so obvious, that my professor, Dr. Emilyn Espiritu, wrote a short note on my paper when she gave it back to me with a big, red A stamped on the first page. She commented that I'm very "aware," and that I should keep at it.

To be honest, the paper is not exactly one of my more polished ones. It was so charged with emotion that it's actually bordering on being incoherent. But it came from somewhere sincere - my very heart - and I think that made all the difference. I'm not saying this will work for all professors at all times, but I guess you at least get kudos for being truly passionate.

Because I was writing in white heat, I didn't know how to limit my paper to three pages, which was the maximum length allowed (it wasn't a term paper, just the weekly assignment). I was experiencing the opposite of writer's block at that time, so I had to get creative in cutting my paper short. So instead of a proper conclusion, I wrote a poem.

Click here to read the poem.


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