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My friend Pauline used to work for JYA, an architectural firm based in Makati. Her boss, Joey Yupangco, was tapped to curate an issue of Flow, a locally-published art magazine. The theme was spaces, and Mr. Yupangco asked the team to look for creative pieces that they could include in the issue. Pauline immediately contacted me and told me to write something about space.

There lies meaning only space can give.
(photo from the internet)
I wrote a short poem called Unempty Spaces, and I submitted it to her without hope or expectation that it would get published. After all, I wrote it in five minutes on a yellow 3"x5" Post-It, without much critical thought, just so I'd have something to give her. It's not that I didn't take the opportunity seriously, because I did. A chance to be published means the world to any aspiring writer, and I wanted it badly.

However, I knew and understood that the appreciation of poetry is highly subjective. That being said, it doesn't matter much if I believe that what I wrote is good enough to be published; the decision lies solely in the hands of Mr. Joey Yupangco, a creative tour de force in the Philippine design scene.

So I guess you can imagine why I couldn't stop giggling like a schoolgirl when Pauline broke the news to me: her boss read my piece, loved it, and wanted to publish it! For Mr. Yupangco to like something I wrote was a major ego boost, and I'm beyond grateful. Pauline did the layout for my page - she asked me to re-write the piece on a used Starbucks napkin, and she drew in the coffee rings. It's nice, and I like it a lot.


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