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In 2010, Gershwin put together a band called Manaha. For a brief period, they performed original music in various events around the city. But when two of his band mates left the country to pursue other opportunities, the group went into an indefinite hiatus. He has been itching to play again ever since. 

The original cast. L-R Gersh, Dawn, Chemae, Mathew
(photo from the band's Facebook page, used with permission)
At the moment, we're exploring the possibility of reviving the band. Aside from Gershwin, our other friend (and Manaha founding member) Dawn will also be playing guitars. Dawn is a musical genius, and I'm very excited to collaborate with him. He can play guitar, bass, and drums! We actually had a gig together back when we were in college; I sang Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema), and he played bass. 

Dan signed on to be our drummer! Like Dawn, he's a really gifted musician. He used to be an instructor at Yamaha Music School. After our band, Familiar, broke up in 2007, he played the drums for up-and-coming artist Danita Paner. I don't know what he's been up to lately, but I know that his job in Samsung Philippines is keeping him busy so I'm really grateful that he agreed to join us.

Gershwin recruited a guy named Veejay to play bass in lieu of Mathew, who now works as a graphic artist in Singapore. I actually haven't met Veejay yet, as we are still trying to set the date for our first jam. But I was told that he and Dan used to be in the same band when they were in high school, so I guess they won't have a problem working together.

I'll be stepping in as the vocalist until a suitable replacement is found, haha! To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm cut out to be a vocalist. Yes, I sing. And I can say without ego that I'm better than average. That doesn't mean I'm a great singer, though. There are plenty of better voices out there. I have really big shoes to fill (Chemae is awesome). Plus I'll be working with really incredible musicians, so that's scary! But Gershwin was kind enough to point out that he wants me in the group because my voice is unique (naks).

Gershwin sent us demos of his original compositions, previously arranged and recorded by the original members of Manaha, to study before we meet up. The first jam should tell us if the group has chemistry. I hope there is. The last time I was in a band was in college, and I miss it everyday.


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