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My friend Joy got married to the man of her dreams last June 12, 2012 (Independence Day in the Philippines!). A few months prior, she asked me to sing at the reception, and naturally, I said yes. I was asked to sing three songs - Norah Jones' Come Away with Me, Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love, and Sharon Cuneta's Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko.

Newlyweds :)
I immediately enlisted the help of Dawn to play the guitar for me. I initially thought of Gershwin, but he and his life partner Ava are celebrating their anniversary on that day, so he couldn't do it. Actually, Aya Yuson also expressed interest, but he had to back out because he hasn't fully recovered from his stroke last November.

Due to personal problems, though, Dawn also had to back out - less than two weeks before the wedding! I texted all my friends to ask if they knew guitarists who can help me out, but it was too short a notice that nobody could commit. I even called my ex-boyfriend Marvie, but his new work schedule wouldn't permit him to play.

So I contacted Mike Bewer, a professional musician, and luckily, he was free on that date! We agreed on a rate, and then we rehearsed once before the wedding. Since I knew the songs very well, practice was actually a breeze. He gave me tips on how to sing better, and I have to say his advice was really helpful.
These were the only people who clapped for me. Haha! :)
On the day itself, I have to admit that I didn't do so well because my nerves got the better of me. My friends assured me that I did well, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that I could have done much better. Good thing the people were busy with dinner and photo ops that probably only a handful noticed my boo-boos.

I stopped singing for about eight years, which explains why I got so freaked out by it. That, and because I am really critical of my own singing. Perhaps I should learn to not be so hard on myself. I am my own worst enemy; I pressure myself with unrealistic standards of perfection. This is a good thing because it makes me strive to be better, but it's also a bad thing because I lose confidence.

In the near future I'll have gigs, with Manaha or with other guitarists for a mix of occasions. I'm sure I'll make more mistakes - I'll forget lyrics or I'll go out of tune or I'll miss my key - but I won't let those errors stop me from pursuing music.

At this point, I know that I need to be more confident in my singing capabilities. People believe in me, so there's no reason I shouldn't believe in myself. I'm not an awesome singer, but I have a voice. Not as soothing as Astrud Gilberto's, or as powerful as Etta James', but a voice nonetheless, and I'm meant to use it.


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