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On a whim, I decided to bring back my Tumblr account from the ashes. But just to be clear, all my original content will remain here on Blogspot. That blog, aptly titled The Other Think Tank, is a collection of various posts re-blogged from the users I follow.

Ideas come from somewhere, and I believe that somewhere to be a collective consciousness. A vast pool of thoughts and meditations, this realm is like an uncatalogued library where access is limited only by one's curiosity.

The mistress
As a writer, I am often inspired by my own experiences of the world I'm in. The daily grind is a wealth of resource: the commute to work, nine hours in the office, the drinks after, disruptions to the routine, and the occasional game-changing surprises.

But a single person can only live through so much, which is why I sometimes rely on other people's experiences to write. I get the creative nudge from someone else's work, be it a piece of writing, a photograph, a work of art, a speech, and so on.

I use whatever other people share to assimilate their happiness, grief, pain, gratefulness. More than anything, it's an exercise on empathy that constantly teaches me to be more human. Doubtful but hopeful. Afraid yet courageous. Weak but invincible.

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