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When I finally learned to wear (and appreciate) dresses and skirts, there was no turning back. Every time I go shopping, whether in the ukay-ukay or in regular shops, I am always drawn to those racks. While I still lean towards safer bets, I don't mind spending on a trendy piece for as long as it's not expensive. Below is one of them:

Yummy chocolate
Initially, I had my doubts about this skirt. It fits me quite well, but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I bought it anyway since it's only Php70. It's made of this flowy chiffon fabric, and I felt like a ballerina when I tried it on for the first time - a flirty one, at that. Haha! I was really drawn to the color; I've always been partial to earth tones.

My friend slash style meter, Pauline, assured me that this is a good buy. I got this just as I was about to leave for my Dumaguete vacation, so I lent it to her to wear first. It's cute how her elder sister messaged me to ask where I got it, because she wants one, too! I have yet to wear it, but I'm looking forward to the day that the weather will be kind enough to commuters in skirts.

STORE INFO: The shop is located in Cubao, Quezon City. It's much easier to commute than to bring a car. Take the MRT or LRT and get off at Cubao Station. It's along EDSA, near Farmers Plaza.


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