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Skirts are a recent thing for me. For most of my life, I didn't really care what I wore for as long as I had clothes on my back. But because of the influence of my former boss, MM, I learned to care about how I look (still far from vain, but at least I comb my hair now, haha). I also learned to like and wear skirts!

When I go to the ukay-ukay, I rake through the skirt racks when I'm done with the dresses. My body is a bit weird; my torso is really short so my legs look too long for it. In addition, my upper body including my arms are quite thin, but my hips and legs are quite round/full. Simply put, my upper and lower parts do not match.

For this reason, I almost always go for high-waisted, flowy skirts that clinch me right at the waist (making it look small) and hide my hips. The right-fitting skirt balances my upper and lower body, making me look a bit closer to normal. Haha!
An absolute steal
I bought this skirt for Php100 from the ukay shop in Marikina where I got the doll dress (click here for the post with the store information). I'm quite lucky it fits me perfectly, especially since there's no such thing as the next size in ukay-ukay. I usually pair this with a white top and flats. If I'm going to the office, I opt for a white collared shirt, but for more casual gigs, I go for a white tank top. 
Polka but not quite
What I really love about this skirt is the print. It's not quite polka dots, but it's pretty close. Plus, the fabric is flowy, so it moves with me. And because it's long, I don't have to worry about flashing my undies; I wore this once in Dumaguete when I biked around the city! It's fun, it's flirty, and it's feminine, and I absolutely love it! :)


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