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12:30:00 AM

I'm halfway between yellow and fair because of my lineage, so there are certain shades that are incredibly unflattering for me. Yes, I'm talking about pastels. My absolute favorite colors will always be white and green, but when it comes to clothing, I have to say that red works quite well with my skin tone. On one ukay expedition in Marikina, I found this cute dress:

Checkers, anyone?
The dress was on sale for Php100, so even if it was two dress sizes bigger, I bought it anyway. I just had it repaired by our neighborhood tailor for Php80.00, and it was good to go! It's easy to wear, and it's also very comfortable - it's made of cotton, with a satin lining.

I found this hanging on the dress rack from the same shop in Marikina, where I scored my blue and white plaid baby dress and my black and white H&M dress (click here for the post with the store information).


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