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I recently bought a corkboard to put together a vision board. A vision board is a collection of images of one's dreams. One evening, I was re-reading my journal, and I stumbled upon an entry I wrote months back about the things I want to do in the near future. I totally forgot what I wrote. I figured I could use constant reminding, so I decided to make my own vision board.

Morning view
The entire left half of the board is a political map of the Philippines with several push pins indicating the places I have already visited. I also posted a photo of a nice beach, and my cliff jump in Siquijor. My goal is to visit most if not all 7,107 islands of the archipelago, and to make each trip an adventure that will top the last. I have plans to go on trips abroad, too, but my own country is my priority.
Several pictures populate the right side of the board, and each of them represents something I'm gunning for, either for the short or long term. I tried to be very specific, and I chose images that accurately (or at least closely) represent my goals.
Pieces of a puzzle
Finish the short film adaptations of my short story, Smitten. For this goal, I've enlisted the help of my little brother from another mother, Kim, and his friend Mikko (who's actually Gershwin's cousin - small world, eh?). The story is a love triangle of sorts, and we're going to do three installments to show the perspective of each of the three people involved. We aim to finish it this year.
Lights, camera, action!
(image and photo from the internet)
Move up the corporate ladder. I couldn't find another image that I liked, so I just used a photo of a lady dressed in a really nice suit. I'm also considering running my own business in the future, but I will need capital. As I do not stand to inherit anything from my Dad, I need to stay in the corporate world first.
Tough women wear pink
(photo from the internet)
Continue blogging. The image is actually a printout of this blog. I want to keep writing, and hopefully I can touch some lives in the process. This project is more than an outlet for my pent-up thoughts or feelings. I'd like to think of it as my contribution to society beyond taxes or waste segregation. 
Think Tank
Be beautiful. This is both superficial and not. Yes, I would very much like to be pretty, and I think most girls want the same thing. But I would also like to be beautiful on the inside, and I'm doing this by surrounding myself with people whom I believe are a good influence to me, people whocan help me build my character.
Beauty, in and out
(photo from the internet)
Date. I'm not looking for a relationship just yet. I know it's been almost a year since I got out of one, but I actually don't mind being single because I have time for myself again. But of course I would like to meet new people and enjoy their company. Plus, it's a nice excuse to get dolled up.
Wine and conversation
(image from the internet)
Run the marathon. That's actually a picture of me sprinting to the finish line of Run United 2, but it represents my desire to become a full marathoner. I've already started training for this, and I'm not going to let myself fail. I'm going to run the 42-kilometer marathon before 2014 ends, and nothing can stop me.
Run, B, run!
Be happy. Everybody wants this, but not everybody realizes that happiness is a choice, a constant decision that one has to make. It starts and ends with the self. The universe is neutral, so things can only make you happy if you let them. Following the same logic, everything can make you unhappy, too, if you don't take charge of your own happiness.
Balloons make me happy!
(photo from the internet)
Build my personal library. Being a bookworm, this is definitely something I'm making room for when I get my own place. Although I don't mind e-books, I am quite old-fashioned so I still prefer the printed ones. I especially like second-hand books, because it has two stories: the content, and how the book found its way to me. The latter is something I can just imagine, of course.
A piece of heaven
(photo from the internet)
Join a triathlon. After the marathon, this is my next goal. I'm sure this is going to be much harder because it involves three disciplines, but I'm determined to do it. When I was a kid, I lost my two front teeth in a bike accident, but I kept riding the damn thing anyway. I was a swimmer for a good number of years, and now I'm into running. I know I can do this, and I think I want it badly enough to achieve it.
I tried photoshopping my face on to the picture, but my skills are limited
(photo from the internet)
Make music. I've been singing for the longest time, but I've only recently dabbled with songwriting. With amazing collaborators like Gershwin and Joandrea (and Aya and Atticus, once), I'm determined to make more music and put it out there. I don't intend to make a career out of it. But just like blogging, I'm hoping my music would be an instrument for change for at least one other person.
A song for you
(photo from the internet)
Build a nice wardrobe. Although the picture shows a walk-in closet, I'm not really gunning for something so extravagant. I grew up not caring what clothes I put on my back, and most of the time, I still don't. But I have learned that it pays to be presentable, and that's the idea behind this.
Getting dressed just got more fun
(photo from the internet)
Become financially secure. Like happiness, I'm sure this is something everybody wants. Let's face it - it's easier to decide to be happy when you don't have to worry about debt, about putting food on the table, or about having a contingency plan for emergencies. Money in itself is not a bad thing, but the worship of it is. So the key here is to know when to stop.
(photo from the internet)
Become a wine connoisseur. I've come to like wine a lot, and I'm looking forward to the day when I'd have a cabinet full of fine wines from all over the world. I'm not looking at unreasonably expensive types, but I'd like to be able to stop Googling "cheap but good wine" and buy myself some really good brands. And I don't need a full cellar - a small cabinet's just fine.
The bar
(photo from the internet)
Have my own place. I live with my Dad right now, and I don't mind being here. But I still want my own place. Although I have a condo unit, that was just an investment and I have absolutely no plans to live there. The house that I want isn't big (I don't want to have to spend too much on maintaining it), but it should have enough room for my library and for my wine collection.
My pad
(photo from the internet)
Buy a car. I don't mind commuting at all; it's more practical and I'm definitely used to it. But having a car is just as practical, even if it's just for emergencies. And it's definitely nice to be able to drive to a far-flung place just because I feel like it.
(photo from the internet)
I like waking up in the morning and seeing my vision board first. This is a highly effective motivator. I even put my medal from the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 right smack in the middle of the corkboard to remind me that to get to the end, I have to keep moving.


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