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A few months back, I went to Broadway Centrum to see my little brother from another mother, Kim. He's a cameraman for TV5, and one of his shows, Face to Face, is taped there. Face to Face is a tabloid talk show hosted by Amy Perez. It's the Pinoy version of The Jerry Springer Show, with Ms. Perez serving as a mediator between two conflicting parties.

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Kim was part of the behind-the-scenes crew, so he had free time to discuss the details of our short film while the live taping was ongoing. We talked about the script, story boards, casting, and locations, all while the show was being shot. We managed to accomplish a lot in that meeting, and we hope to finish the project within the year. :)

Although I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communication, I actually have not been to a live taping session before. Once, I brought the band I managed, Familiar, to the now-defunct morning show Breakfast Supersize on Studio 23, but that was aired live and it had no on-set audiences so it's a different animal altogether.
View from the top
I wouldn't consider myself a prissy, but I have to say that watching this show for the first time (and during live taping, at that!) was beyond shocking. The conflict was between an unmarried couple. It bothered me that the woman couldn't control her temper; throughout the show, the bouncers were chasing her as she kept attacking her partner.

Another thing that bothered me is the audience's reaction - everyone was laughing their asses off. Everyone was amused, and I didn't get it. I couldn't understand why it was so damn entertaining. I couldn't quite find the humor in the situation where two people are hurting each other for real on live television. Adding insult to injury is the fact that this is the top-rated show on TV5. That means there's more people out there who, like the studio audience, consider this entertainment.

Throughout the taping, I was squirming in my seat. I felt deeply embarrassed for the couple fighting on camera. I felt a bit angry at the people around me for finding the whole thing funny. Maybe I'm elitist, but I'm not going to apologize for it this time. As the term implies, domestic issues should be resolved at home. And there is nothing remotely amusing about two people whose lives have fallen apart. I'll never get the value of shows like this.


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